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Thought this portfolio idea might interest you

https://[unapproved url removed]

Here’s my portfolio of projects I have done till now. It’s a dynamic link I got by publishing it as a document to Adobe using Adobe InDesign. It’s shareable and can make the document run on any platform- laptop, mobile, ipad and so on. You name it and it’ll run there.

I thought that since most people will make a PDF, why not go a step further and use this feature? The major difference between this vs a PDF is that one can even add animations, videos, hyperlinks and lots more. And also that this thing can be updated again and again while the link remains the same. So I feel it’s much better and cheaper than getting a static website designed for putting up a portfolio or sharing google drive links.

Take note though, this feature can be availed only if you are a LEGIT Adobe account user.

If you got queries or want more info on this, I can take questions and try my best to answer them.

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It’s a great idea, and looks really good!

However, as adobe.*** isn’t on the list of Fiverr’s approved links (unless you know differently!), you might be better to ask CS if you can add this link to your profile, descriptions etc. as I’d hate to see you get into bother.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you so much for your concern, Lorna!
Well, at best I could add this link in one of the gig images or put it into the buyer’s inbox if they so ask (that’s what I also want, lol). I did this for a buyer recently who wanted a digital form of her brochure so it involved sharing the link in the inbox as well as the order page a few times and nothing much happened. If I go by that experience, things should ideally work out well. Fiverr probably treats it as a normal link, just as a client may share a YouTube video link in conversation. Besides, her client numbers increased on taking that step, and I was amazed.


CS might treat that as an attempt to circumvent the rules. It’s best to ask them for permission before you do that.


Tumblr and blogger they are far better than adobe https://■■■■■■/BVuEjt this is mine

Okay, I will shoot a mail to CS asking them for this. It’s worth doing so. :+1:


also it has unlimited storage
Check these links before doing anything thanks


Also you can add plugin to share slides pdf and many thing .