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Fiverr has undoubtedly changed my life for better, and I love it. Actually it is my only source of income, and believe it, I have dedicated 5 years of my life to doing it every day better …

Said the above mentioned, there is something that always worries me, and it is the constant need to fiver as a “system” in placing the highest sellers in the lowest of searches, not appearing in the main page and this type of things.

After a long season (6 years approximately in TRS) I have been removed from the level (Top Seller to Lvl 2), the reason being canceled 3 orders of mutual agreement, due to force majeure situation (I live in Venezuela and have been difficult days with up to 8 days without electricity in the country).

my question in concrete, These days have been slow, someone else having this experience?.

In the same way, I know that the TRS will be back in the days and the sales will come back, which we always had.



Fiverr is not a “merciless executioner”. Over-dramatic analogies like this make it extremely hard for me to sympathize with you.

We all have struggles (some greater than others), but we must also abide by the rules, regulations and policies established for anyone working on this site. If your national situation makes it hard to work on Fiverr, and you feel it is ruining your ability to succeed, perhaps Fiverr isn’t the best platform for you.

Blaming Fiverr for upholding their rules equally – for everyone – does not make this issue Fiverr’s fault. The problem would appear to be where you live (the politics, the economy, and the unstable electricity you often face). As much as I hate to say this, it is not Fiverr’s responsibility to provide special conditions to counter your local situation. You’re going to have to find ways to make it work – no matter where you live, if you wish to work here on Fiverr. How you’re going to do that, I don’t know… but that is your responsibility to figure out.

Perhaps you need to set a longer completion time on your orders, to account for frequent electrical outages. Maybe you need to schedule your time to make better use of the time when the internet is still up. There are things YOU can do. Blaming Fiverr is not one of them.

You are a Level 2 seller now. There is nothing wrong with that, nor does this level make you any less valuable as a freelancer. You don’t need to be TRS in order to be a great seller.


I’m not blaming fiverr. as i said previously, i’m very happy with the platform, 5k order delivery without any problem, and I’m not asking for mercy, just as an analogy to reference to an executioner.

similarly I think I have been successful on this site, to say that fiverr is not for me a site because of a temporary situation in the country, it is certainly not to understand the point where I refer to a general thought, the question in particular is: been low days for everyone here in fiverr?


I’m also from Venezuela and I don’t blame Fiverr or anybody else for whatever could happen due to what’s going on in our country :roll_eyes: :smirk:

During those days, I could do nothing but just hope nobody placing a 24h delivery order or messaging me, and at the first moment I got 10 minutes of electricity back, I set myself OOO.

Should I have had to blame Fiverr if someone placed an order and it went late or if someone had messaged me and I couldn’t respond on time?

I’m working with my clients explaining them why I’m changing my delivey time and setting 2 or 3 days for something that would only take few hours. It’s not fun, it’s embarrasing but I do it !!! It’s my business, so it’s me the one called to take care of.

Maybe the story of your demotion is a little longer from what your telling… :roll_eyes:


Perhaps more than anyone else like Venezuela, you should understand, I refer that regardless of the situation, fiverr evaluates, no matter what is happening in its vendors, it is not bad rules are to be followed.

but you have asked yourself, why have you been these days so low on the platform, which was my initial question?

Yes, there will likely be many times when your sales are low or non-existent. This is the nature of freelance work. Sometimes you may not have orders for weeks… other times months. If sales are low, however, YOU can raise them by marketing and promoting your services to the target customers who need what you have to offer. Fiverr should not be your only source of customers.


I know it, some times we are a “rockstart guys” and other time not, usually i take this time to refresh the GIGS, put some outside work onthe social media and many.

I know it, some times we are a “rockstart guys” and other time not, usually i take this time to refresh the GIGS, put some outside work onthe social media and many.

If you already know this, then why are you complaining about not having any sales here on the forum, and asking other sellers to commiserate with you? Complaining about low sales times will not make you have sales any quicker.



It will not make me have more sales, but maybe it is a general feeling, which in my case I liked to express, I think the forums are free to express feelings about the platform …

I have no idea what this means.

If you want to complain and rant, there is a forum for that. It’s called “The Ranting Pot”. You set your gig up in the “I need help” forum, which, it would now seem is not accurate.

Like I said, complaining will not fix your problems. Actions will. Why you would rather complain pointlessly, then take actual action to fix your problem(s) baffles me.

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worry to listen about the cause. I also faces such problems some time but such problem does not remain too long. best wishes for you …

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Thanks buddy ! Yes hope all be fixed this side. Coming soon!

In business, there are always factors outside of your control that influence sales and status. That doesn’t mean policies like Fiverr’s are unjust or impractical.

You need to adapt your Fiverr business to ride the ebbs and flows of business and also get other income streams. It is very dangerous to fully rely on one stream of income.


I’m going against the grain here. Yes it’s been slow for me too lately. I’m not sure you got a direct answer yet so I thought you should get one. (I’m not blaming fiverr! :smile:)

Sometimes it’s not a complaint, just a need to compare notes. It’s not just you.

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Thanks . You got the point ! . Slow days some free time for just leave a different comment

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Actually it’s been real slow lately. I’m sure it’s temporary. :slight_smile:

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so is. at least one sensible answer, that does not attack me . Jeje :smile:

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Your question didn’t sound like a complaint, just wanting to see if anyone else noticed this or not.

I am hoping your situation in your country improves soon! I know it isn’t an easy place right now. You don’t need criticism at this time.


No one is “attacking you”, just because we don’t agree with you.