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Thoughts about this idea: 30 day membership


So I’ve asked Fiverr if this gig is okay to do. I haven’t gotten a firm yes or no yet. Can I get some opinions about it?

Is it a good idea? Will people pay for a 30 day membership (and then come back to Fiverr to purchase another 30 days)? Thanks for any ideas/thoughts/suggestions!


sounds like an awesome idea

My guess would be that you are not allowed to direct fiverr buyer’s to an off fiverr website unless it’s one of the approved ones such as A screenshot of the site’s main page would help or something where they can see what they would be getting. I
would make the description longer with bullet points of the articles and features they would see. You need to do a much better job of selling it in your description. I don’t see anything that would make me want it. I am a writer as a hobby.

This would be a tough one to fly. First, as @misscrystal mentioned, it would have to be a pre-approved website and even then it’s risky without written permission from Customer Support. Second, if you have any link or mention on the site of how to contact you outside of Fiverr, you’ll be banned when caught. Third, if you have any payment options for people to become members besides the exclusive Fiverr membership, that’s an automatic ToS violation.

Those are just the ones I can think of without re-reading the ToS. If you are lucky enough to get enough sales to get to level 1 or more and then get banned over ToS, that would be a tough break. I’d definitely run it by Customer Support, not just the forum. Your definitive answer will be there as long as you tell them the site name, exactly what’s on it, why it doesn’t break ToS and what your gig description will say in the final version.

As a side note, I have only written 2 e-books (ghostwritten) and a lot of short stuff for various publications. I am a member of several really good free author/writer groups and wouldn’t pay for one even at five dollars a month. That’s just me, though, so others might!

You could accomplish the same thing by setting up a well formatted .pdf file and sending it to people on a monthly basis rather than directing them to a website.
I agree with fonthaunt that probably writers wouldn’t pay for it since so much is available for free.

Thank you for the excellent feedback!

I’ve asked Fiverr customer support about the idea and they are bringing it to their editorial team. There is a lot to work to be done on the gig description and deliverable, but I don’t want to start that process without getting a solid “go ahead” from Fiverr.

The reason I want to build a membership site is that I have lots of videos, audiobooks, and ebooks (pdfs) to give out. I also want to add value by allowing public feedback on the material. Furthermore, the website would have no upsell, no ads. Truthfully, I’d make the content free, but the licenses I’ve worked out require I list the content on a membership website.

I like the idea of giving out new stuff every month and building that catalog. It is true there is a lot of great stuff out there for free, but there is also a lot of “upsells” and junk.