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Thoughts on dealing with poor CS agent

I’ve been a seller since 2013 and have done over a thousand orders.
6 months ago, something went haywire with Fiverr’s account verification and a nice CS agent helped me sort it out, or so I thought. Turns out, afterwards I could not edit my gigs and they were all stuck at $100. Any changes I make do not get saved.

OK, so I open another ticket and get an agent who is just feeding me lines and not doing anything. As of right now, my main gig has been broken and I’ve had a ticket open for 6 MONTHS! Every time I ask what is going on, all he says is: “I’ll have to ask someone else what is going on.” Oh, I’ll have to ask them again"

Is there anywhere I can get this escalated, that anybody is aware of? This is ridiculous.


I’ve had a ticket escalated some time ago (or so it seemed, I wasn’t asking for it), where I got a response from someone who had “Team Lead” in their tag, maybe it’s worth a shot asking the agent to pass it on to a team lead.


It’s either they are aware of the issue and try to fix it for a long time or don’t consider it a first priority. I once closed the ticket that remained open for a year with no updates. I just learned to work around the issue and they probably forgot about me.

You should search the forum, I remember seeing the post about how to report a CS agent on here. There definitely were some suggestions from people.