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Thoughts on making a new seller profile for different gig types?

There’s a saying that no multitool does any single job well. Does anyone have thoughts on whether I should create a new seller profile if I want to add new gigs that involve a different skillset?

The majority of my sales currently come from gigs related to writing, editing writing, and transcription services. I’m considering opening up an assortment of gigs from a different end of the spectrum - involving graphic design, photoshop, and illustrations. I’m having trouble deciding whether this would “dilute” the brand that I’ve already been working to establish!

Thoughts? Should I build a new account for my creative gigs? Or is it the more the merrier?

Thanks to everyone for your input in advance!


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You can’t unless you get written permission from Fiverr staff. Even if they said yes you can’t use the same PayPal on multiple accounts. I like the idea but they don’t allow it without permission due to potential fraud or ratings manipulation.

@fonthaunt, I see - thanks so much for letting me know!