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Thoughts on mentioning extras in "requirements"?

Now I have thought about this previously, but I get a lot of buyers that don’t seem to have a clue what an extra is oddly, or what it does until I mention it to them. Think it’s a bad idea to mention the what an extra is and the requirements needed for it plus benefits of what they get if they do order it within the initial requirements that gets sent when an order is placed?

Two benefits I see are: Will help educate them on what an extra is and what they will get additionally by considering it, and on top of that you can highlight that specific things such as for example with content writing requires an extra to be ordered?

What’s your input on this? Think this will turn buyers off, or attract potentially more extras to be ordered and to help clarify for buyers more directly what extras may be required in order to complete their required gig?

@madmoo I feel the buyer needs all my gig extras all the time! :-"

Thanks for the input, :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can phrase it in a way that won’t frustrate them!

Reply to @madmoo: Oh i haven’t had a whole lot of trouble in regards to getting extras to be ordered really, just trying to up that and perfect it before I start doing some SEO magic and getting overloaded with orders. I would rather a lot of $45 orders coming in than $5! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @bachas85: I suppose that’s short, simple, and to the point!

Yes ! You should always try and up sell an cross sell your other services / extras, you make the money on those sales .