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Thoughts on the New Profile Page Layout

I must say that I am not pleased with the new profile page layout. I was shocked to see this new layout when I visited my profile page today. It is messy and not user-friendly. The other layout was much cleaner and made key points visible to the buyer. What does everyone else think?

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I don’t think people can see it live, at least at the minute. I can only see it when I’m logged in.
Its not that bad lol, pretty much the same in functionality.

It’s only visible if its your own profile.

It is a mess under the gloss, but with some tweaks it will work.

It’s pretty awful, at least in the preliminary phase. Hopefully the final version is cleaner…

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I like it because my top 3 gigs are visible above the fold and they get better exposure that way. The fonts are tiny though.

Maybe I’ll flirt with Bob tomorrow about this.

“You don’t have any education”. :smiley:

The new profile page layout looks like a mess with tiny fonts, hopefully they’ll tweak it before it goes live.

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I had a quick look through the list of universities and saw what looked like some diploma mills in there. I wonder if these are all supposed to accredited. How long is it going to be before mek sells pass themselves off as Albert Einstein

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I must say that this is bad update.

And markp is right. People will lie about education and certification.

Why FIverr, for a change, doesn’t fix bugs instead of making new design all the time.

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There is no choice for my B.A. in English Literature (Literature is not the same thing). There is also no choice for my Master’s Degree at all, which is an M.Ed. in English Curriculum & Instruction. There is also no place for me to list my minors, Latin honors, or GPA. Remind me again why job application questions are on my profile page…

These new profile features are a bad idea because:

  1. It takes away some of the anonymity as it is now obvious what state I live in from the universities I attended.

  2. It is unverifiable. Without a way to verify, people are going to lie. And honest sellers will be competing against liars based on some seller input instead of the buyer satisfaction ratings.

  3. It is irrelevant information for many gigs unless we are working in our field of study. If I have a Master’s degree in something, it’s not likely I am going to be selling my expertise on Fiverr for $5.

  4. What kind of idiot is going to list a skill connected to a gig they are trying to sell and not select their skill level as expert/pro? So the skill section is meaningless.

  5. I have had success on Fiverr, where I have never had success on other platforms. So making this site more like those is frighteningly discouraging…

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What is next is Fiverr will start selling “certification tests” sellers can take to bolster their resumes… Sound familiar?

Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

I just hope Fiverr stick to the old user-friendly Profile Layout :slight_smile:

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I like that mine says I have no skills. Awesome.

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