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THow to get orders by replying to buyer request? orders and buyers r

Hello everyone
Hope you all well good
I am a content writer and new in the field of freelance.
I created my profile on Fiverr from last month. I send 90 buyer requests but I don’t know there are no responses by the buyer.
Kindly give me suggestions or tips on how to get buyers’ responses or orders on my gigs.
Thanks read my post and best wishes all you.


Please see:


golden points

use your own content
dont make more ID’s on fiverr
be good to customers
deliver work on time
dont use other profile bios . gigs , FAQ or any other data
dont use google images more
greet customers and get the reorders

thats all

all the best :slight_smile:


Thanks dear
Giving me helpful suggestion


These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will be write an exclusive article and blog post
In the gig description:
It says “unlimited revisions” but none of the packages have the number of revisions value set to “unlimited”.

Also maybe rewording the title of that gig might help get more orders. ie. so it doesn’t start with “I will be write…”.

Also you’ve got 2 gigs that say “SEO website content writer” - one has other things too but maybe have only 1 gig for “SEO website content”.


Suggestions? Firstly, read the Terms of Service.

Duplicate gigs are against the ToS. I realize you’re attempting to offer different services with each gig, but right now they look too alike.


Thanksgiving me a helpful suggestion
Best wishes to you dear,

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Hopefully you are well,
Thinks visit my gigs and tell me my mistakes.
I will follow your suggestion as soon as possible.


Hi :slight_smile: You can share your fiverr gig on social medias

Its a really good idea???

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Marketing can be good, if and only if you do it right.
. Overcoming Competition & Expanding Your Market - UPYOUR
. The How-to’s of Advertising Off the Fiverr Platform

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This is really helpful for me dear
best wishes for you.

Yes, I’m a logo designer and with my insta I redirect clients to my fiverr.

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Thank you for those articles. That’s very important.

you did this?

Promote you gig in social media platforms. The best method to get more views and orders. Don’t waste time for looking buyer request. Learn more about fiverr and fiverr TOS. Try to be online maximum time.

Can you guide me on how to use social media to get views and orders?
I will thankfull to you

you can get your order in weeks or it might take months. Rank your gig stay online at-least 12 hours a day. Send buyer request as much as you can. And the biggest thing after doing all this is PATIENCE . :+1: Best Wishes.

Same to you

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Actually I’m maintain an insta account related to logo designs. So people check it and if they interest they will ask from me. Then I’m sending my fiverr link and ask them to place the order.

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