Thread Expiration Feature


I think the three words kind of covers it. Thread expiration feature. Simply meaning, the thread will expire and lock after quite some time(maybe 2 to 3 months of inactivity.). It’s just kind of weird to see threads over a year old be bumped up from people digging through archives for some reason. I mean, yes, some threads should be revived but others a person bumping it up long after the thread has gone is kind of weird, in my opinion. Obviously not an immediate need but it would help to keep fresh topics on the top categories. Thoughts?


@kjblynx We’ll see what happens. I sent some of my ideas in the past(Not this one in particular) but never really seem to get much of a response. I am hoping at least some kind of forum re-vamp happens soon. Not sure they care all too much as most of their traffic doesn’t come here anyways.

@voiceoverwork I had no idea, but that’s kind of helpful I would imagine.