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Threatened with "Negative SEO"

Hi everyone,

I need to vent please. I received an email to my blog from a deranged psychopath from Fiverr whom I never had the (dis)pleasure of communicating with at all. Subject Line read something along the lines of Why Didn’t You Order from Me?

His message was a complete threat. Saying if I don’t order from him, he will “destroy” my website with black hat SEO tactics by creating a lot of spam backlinks. Apparently the choice is mine… lol he would “urge” me to buy his services now. And then sends a link to his site.

First of all psycho… this doesn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies to go to your page and send you money. But nice try.

Second… I’ve already reported him to Fiverr.

Thirdly… if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions/advice or if anyone has been through this would love some words of encouragement. I’ve already been in contacting the wonderful human who manages my site to see if there’s anything we can do to counteract. Waiting to hear back.

I also sent the insane in the brain dude a message on here telling him that I planned to report him. The email came from info @ fiverr so it seemed pretty legit. It landed in my Spam folder though so I’m not sure what to think of it.

Anywho… thanks for reading.

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Okay after a bit of research (because I apparently have nothing better to do at 10:43pm) I learned it’s not a major cause for concern.

A search engine employee said to another poster that you should not be concerned by activities from keyboard warriors such as spammy backlinks to your site. The employee also said the search engine knows you can not control who links to you and will quickly discount and ultimately ignore the backlinks as being trash. Ultimately my site’s position in the search results will improve as the bad links are ignored. Which they will be.

Night all! :slight_smile:

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I think you’re okay. In addition to your research, if you got an email with an @fiverr in it, that would normally be a staff account, not a seller account. Since no staff member would do that, you know it’s a scam. It is possible for people to “spoof” email addresses and make it look like it came from a domain that it didn’t come from.

Someone is just trying to get money out of you somehow, but I don’t think you are at any risk, especially since you reported it to Fiverr and have a knowledgeable person keeping an eye on your site. Sorry that someone besmirched Fiverr’s name to mess with you!


Thank you fonthaunt!

Yes, if you’re that desperate to get people on to your link and to make a purchase it’s hard for me to be upset. More so just feel bad for the guy.

I’d just keep an eye on GA, Search Console & whatever you use for on-page tracking.
Make sure your forms and website are secure and you should be OK. In most cases these are just empty threats, but angry people with a lot of time on their hands can be annoying.

I’ve seen a number of things that such pests try. Starting from bot traffic to fill out forms, brute force attacks on admin login, fake 1-star Google reviews, nasty comments etc. None of these are major concerns for a decent website, but if you haven’t done the basic checks then I would recommend going through these. :wink:

I’m not trying to scare you, just a friendly reminder to review you site from security POV.

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You might want to consider changing your profile picture on Fiverr and your off-Fiverr username. I recently got contacted through social media from a past buyer with what is essentially a threat of violence. I figured that this is likely due to a username or reverse image search.

Also, you might want to consider trying to trace where the buyer is from and use a traffic monitoring tool on your website to see if you can identify them.

Say your Fiverr seller is from X country and suddenly you start getting a lot of suspicious traffic from X country, you can block them and possibly file a complaint with the operator of the network they are using.

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Thanks uxreview! Yes it is annoying and I’m almost positive it’s an empty threat but better to be safe than sorry. The guy never messaged me back when I told him I was reporting him lol

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Done! Changed to a wittle kitten :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness. Sorry to hear about that. People are nuts! I do think a lot of these people are keyboard warriors and wouldn’t harm a fly but you can never be too careful. I’ll be on the lookout for traffic coming from his country.

When you say I can block them… you mean I can block an entire country? Sorry for my confusion!

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It depends what kind of website setup you have. I know in WordPress, Wordfence used to allow you to block entire countries. At present though, I’m still getting to grips with Wordfence after a few years out of web-design land and a lot of old features seem to be premium now. - In either case, I’m not the best person to give in-depth tech advice. I think it is possible to block individual IPs and networks, though.

Thank you for the info. I’ll reach out to my web guy. I just checked Google analytics from yesterday and nothing was off. I have Wordpress, so may have to look into blocking that country. Such a shame though for that 1 person.

Also, I looked into previous posts from years ago with people encountering those same problems.

This guy literally had the audacity to message me “$100 is nothing to you, but I have a family to feed.”

Not to sound harsh but I really could care less about his family. I have my own family to feed and $100 does go a long way here in the U.S. too.

$100 doesn’t buy morals, though. :slight_smile:


**Ok look. You might think I’m rich but I’m really not. I’m in a lot of debt and I’m in the process of losing my house thanks to the costs of my husbands hysterectomy. **

Please do not do this. I can afford $50 at most but I don’t have anything else I can pay you. Also, I can only send payments via international bank transfer due to a recent hold put on my account. Send me your details and I’ll send the money tomorrow if I can. Just please, please, don’t ruin my website. It’s all I have left!"

Then when they do, you call the police and have details passed on the relevant authorities. :slight_smile:

This is part of an age old practice called scam baiting but is sadly also very, very dangerous.


You are a genius! I reported both of these two people’s accounts to support and said they were in clear violation of Terms and Services.

If their accounts aren’t removed this will be my Plan B.

Was it one guy or two guys?

It’s possible to see the actual e-mail id, just click on the email id it will show the id.

One guy wrote me yesterday
Another guy wrote me today

Both had broken English and spoke the same. Both emails came into my blog website from the email address info@fiverr. But they were both bold enough to show their usernames where I could order gigs! ha

I would blast them on here but I know that’s against the Terms & Conditions. So for now they will be anonymous publicly but Support team is well aware and if I have to jump off this site and go on another to blast them I will. I have one of their Twitter and YouTube accounts.

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Suppose someone else sent the mails posing as these sellers? Maybe a competitor? It’s hard to believe how far some sellers go to remove competition.

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Yes, but they’re not even my competition that’s the crazy part. They are just harassing me for money as if I just have “moneybags” written on me.

I meant the competition of those Fiverr sellers. Anyone can send gig link to someone posing as the seller.

If they are the ones who actually sent the links, they are just dumb as hell. :joy:


Oh no! So you think it might not be them actually sending me the messages? Now I feel bad that I went off on them separately in private messages.

I didn’t even think that it would be the seller’s competitor doing that. How terrible. Now I don’t know if I should apologize on my messages.

I actually apologized to one of the sellers in the event this was a mix up/misunderstanding and one of their competitors was doing this to ruin their good name.

But then when I went to message the other seller to also apologize and it said User cannot be contacted at this time.


Yeah it’s sometimes annoying because we don’t know the truth.

I’ll give you an example.

Suppose you and I are offering similar services. And I send your link in email to my former buyers threatening them. Obviously they have already bought a similar service from Fiverr will think it is from you but in reality it was me. They will contact the CS and I win. I got the sale, got rid of the competition and they will comeback to me thinking I am a good seller.

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