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Threatening a buyer


Hey guys,
Today, I found a review on a seller’s gig and the interesting seller’s response… Have a look at it:

I mean, seriously? :stuck_out_tongue:

No doubt, there are many amazing sellers on Fiverr who offer quality service. But at the same time, many immature and non professionals spoil not only their own name but spoil their country’s & Fiverr reputation…

Let’s analyze a few popular categories for the number of “New Sellers” vs “Total Sellers”:
1. Logo Designing

Total Sellers = 61,734
New Sellers = 48,828

2. Wordpress

Total Sellers = 43,788
New Sellers = 33,972

2. SEO

Total Sellers = 9,646
New Sellers = 7, 479

1. Creative Writing

Total Sellers = 1,781
New Sellers = 1,560

and so on…

We can see that almost in every category, more than 60% sellers are “New sellers”.

Do you think, there should be some sort of profile approval system on fiverr for everyone who want to sell on Fiverr?

  • Yes
  • No

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Creating a filtering process will definitely maximize the quality sellers and minimize non-professionals. It will also make it easier for buyers to find the quality sellers in short time period.

Looking forward to your valuable feedback.


Ah that seller just showing his incompetence more with his comment. And also that he don’t know fiverr TOS and that reviews can not be changed.

However I think for the profile approval you can find out how professional seller is only after their first interactions with buyers like for example in this case. But what’s worse some of those sellers don’t even see what they did wrong and why client might not be satisfied.


Not all buyers have the quality to judge someone in the first interaction. Take example of this buyer. If he had judged this seller in the first interaction, he might not have such experience.


I do not agree, because sometimes those filters for the “new sellers” become annoying and do not allow to enter the system sellers who are truly trained.
just like this is the advantage that fiverr has with the rest of the pages that hire professional freelancers.


You have to admit, the review response is pretty funny (and I can relate to the general sentiment it expresses). They both sound like a freshly divorced couple discussing alimony payments on the phone.

Also, no, I don’t think we need any more filters. “Non-professionals” tend to filter themselves out overtime.


I agree with you even I am ready to give test if needed.

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That seller just let people know not to buy from him with that comment.

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It’s definitely funny. It made me laugh when I first read it…

Yes, they will filter out but meanwhile many others will jump in too so the system will always have them :expressionless:


I agree with the idea of a filter for sellers, and maybe it doesn’t have to be that tedious, for example a let’s test “how will you talk to a customer?” and just by noticing how the person writes you can tell if its gonna be a good seller (the kind of sellers just like your example tend to be mean with everybody and don’t like changes or criticism)

I have seen lots of weird people here in the forums that can’t even get a critic or can’t even explain correctly their topics. Those are indeed bad sellers in my opinnion.


Come on guys. Anyone and everyone can make an account and post gigs without being tested and that is how a marketplace should be. The test is if they do well or not. Let the buyers decide.

This is the greatness of fiverr. It’s open to anyone with an internet connection.

All the sellers who can’t get a sale? They are automatically failed on the test.


This is the reality because when i joined fiverr then i was only beginner but i as time passes i learned from my mistakes and failure :wink:


Yes! Here is where you learn from your failures and eventually if you work hard you become a success. Let everyone try. You will either sink or swim.


Right? And he’s also showing his poor communication skills. I’d never work with this person.


While the seller’s response might have been “immature,” this is Fiverr. Fiverr welcomes everyone from the 13-year-old teenager with pimples to the seasoned professional.

Some people don’t take criticism well, I used to be one of those people, so I know where they’re coming from. Others don’t bother demanding a revision, so if you screwed up, you won’t know until it’s too late.

No! Fiverr is special because it has no filters, no interviews, background checks, etc. Just because there are thousands of new sellers doesn’t mean they will all stay here.


I’m sure there are some incredibly talented sellers who would fail a test. The test is do you get sales and have happy buyers.


I agree. Some tests have questions that are unbelievable. I think the tests should be vetted before given to the general public.


Vetted and proofread! The tests I took were terribly written and full of grammar errors.


That must have been frustrating, especially if that was the case with the English tests.


I think that there should be a profile approval system for both sellers and buyers. Also, I always thought that as much as there should be ratings for sellers, there should be a rating for buyers as well. This would help to protect both sides.
You find this on many services apps!
To make a silly example: on “uber”, drivers (sellers) and users (buyers) both have ratings.

As there may be many inexperienced new sellers, there are also many immature new buyers who think that have no idea that sellers are using their precious time for them and think it is justified to use Fiverr to get underpaid work.

Personally, I had a few of those buyers, who don’t think about the amount of work you are doing for them. It is very frustrating because it seems that Fiverr doesn’t protect sellers from this kind of buyers. Yes, the seller can always cancel an order created for a bad buyer, but this will always affect the seller’s score and it doesn’t matter if it is the buyer’s fault or not! I find this to be a bit unfair :confused:

Also, a few well-known companies or agencies use Fiverr to buy low paid work, that they then sell at a higher price elsewhere. This is also not fair and many easily get away with it.

So, I think there should be a profile approval system for EVERYONE.
Sellers and buyers should prove their identity with facebook email and LinkedIn in order to show who they are and prove their identity with a passport (Like on Airbnb, to make another silly example).

By the way, if I can share some words on the screen you have shown us, I think that both buyer and seller do not seem to be that much professional:

  • The buyer could have given a more detailed review and write down the reason why he was disappointed (this will also help future buyers not making his same mistake and requesting orders from that seller).
  • The seller looks like trying to convince and justify themselves to the users reading their reviews, but that’s wouldn’t be the best way to do it. They could have been more objective and write down what didn’t work for him as a seller and what was done wrong from the buyer - and then (if something was really wrong) they should have been contacting Fiverr privately and complain.

Creating a filtering process will definitely maximize the quality sellers and minimize non-professionals. It will also make it easier for buyers to find the quality sellers in short time period.

Filters would be really inconvenient for new users, and you could never know, some of them could be Fiverr’s best sellers in a year! I guess it’s silly and misleading to compare “new” to unprofessional.

I think that rating number and score would be enough for buyers to make their own choices on whom to work with.

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I agree. Fiverr should have system which will take test or give task according to the service a person is offering and first rating should be done by fiverr itself to show as profile verified for both buyer and seller.

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