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Threats from ex client

I apologize for writing you regarding this but I need some things to be clear to me.
There is a client who had an order from me a month ago. He accepted the delivery and wrote me a good feedback as well. However during his order he accused me of things which weren’t correct just because he didn’t understand the functionality I implemented in a website. (The order was about a website reconstruction).
Well, he told that he could complaint to the police etc. He blocked my IP address and changed the password of his website (of course my work requires admin credentials to the website).
We managed to reach an agreement and he gave me the password again (he changed it to “DontBeSly” something like this, which is really offensive for the time and effort I put into working.
Now after a month he is writing me for a support on his website, (I give them support at the beggining, first week and tell them to revise the entire website).
Well he had just a question but he started again with saying that he would complain to the police. What should I do? He says that even if he completed the order on fiverr, he has a recepient of the payment and he could sue me. Is it true even if I didn’t do anything wrong?
He is from the same country as mine, but in this case I would really think of sueing him for threats and online harassment if he doesn’t stop. He found me on social networks (it is not difficult to do so as there aren’t many people with the same name of mine.
For now I have blocked him everywhere after explaining to him that respect is on first place and he is not respecting me as a person at all.

Thanks for those who reply.


I hope you did all your conversations with him on Fiverr platform. In that case, report him to CS and have them review your communication.



You did some work on his website for him, which he was initially happy with? He’s now asking you to do more work (for free I assume), and because you won’t, he’s threatening to sue you? Is this what happened?

If that’s the case, just block him everywhere and ignore him. If he had the means and grounds to sue you, and actually felt it was the most suitable thing to do, he’d get on with it and just sue you. The fact that he hasn’t would suggest this is just a ploy to get more work out of you for free. Threatening to sue someone costs nothing, and people do it because they hope that it will intimidate the other person into doing what they want. Don’t be intimidated.


You delivered what you were supposed to. Further work (which you obviously won’t do because no one wants a psycho as a repeat client) would need further payment. He’s just trying to scare you, ignore the loser.

Printscreen his threats and report him to CS. I hope you were able to block him on social media too. That’s one of the many reasons I don’t have my real name here.


You’re dead right about not having your real name on the Fiverr platform, for many reasons, but I hadn’t thought of the possibility of getting threats being one of them!


When I signed in on Fiverr 3 years ago it never occurred to me to put fake name or some made up name. The site was business site and for professional freelancers so having Disney princess or hugebanana2489 did not seam appropriate profile names.

Now I see the error of my ways.


So do you advice me to use a different name from now on?
I appreciate your answer and a few weeks ago he already asked me to purchase other services of mine, and of course I refused.

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You cant change your name.
You can only delete your account and start over as new seller, no reviews or nothing.

:laughing: I understand. Most of my competitors have their real name, probably for the same credibility reasons. But mine works just fine, I don’t think I’m losing clients for having an alias online.


Basically when he blocked me a month ago during an order, he seemed worried as he misìsunderstood something. He wrote “call me” as there is a phone number on his website. This was the only time I called someone just because I didn’t know what to do in that case. That’s how he calmed down and we reached an agreement. From that moment we still continued to write on fiverr as I esplicitelly said to him that I would’nt answer on the phone and I would only reply on fiverr. So all the conversation is still on fiverr and his last messages “I will sue you” are still there. However on the only phone call I have the recordings so it won’t be a problem.

Like @marinapomorac said, you can’t change it now :frowning:

You can always change your privacy settings on Facebook so that random strangers can’t look you up.

Well, I did my service. Everything was described. I have all conversations. He accepted the delivery by his choice and a month has passed, so I guess I didn’t do anything wrong.
I have never had a bad customer like this. But I guess it’s not all sunshine and roses.


I had buyer who wanted feedback on his work. Feedback was positive and he did not like it and wanted to give me bad review. Cleared all with CS in no time.

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I’m so sorry that you are facing this. My area of expertise is different from yours, but I also had a client harassing me on social media (like, all of them) because I didn’t wanted to work with him with his terms and conditions as he wanted 50% of discount and unlimited reviews and I said no and blocked him. I never thought that having your real name on Fiverr could be an issue. The best advice I can give you is to block him everywere and ignore his messages. Eventually he will stop, one day, since he is not getting any attention. That seems to me the type of client who doesn’t accept a “No.”. At the moment when you delivered the job and the client gave you a positive feedback your responsability ended.


I hope you get your issue resolved ASAP, as this is a hectic problem :neutral_face:. But does it really matters that we shouldn’t put our real names, as I don’t know much about it and I’ve my Real name on…
And Definitely You shouldn’t be afraid & report to CS as you aren’t wrong anywhere! :slight_smile:

If you signup with Google, Fiverr lets you enter your own name, address, and contact details, etc. However, Fiverr does not let you change your username from what your Google username is. At no point, though, is this disclosed to sellers when they sign up. In this case, there are reasons why you might inadvertently end up with a Fiverr profile called something like imabigfairy, etc.


The client has done a reclamation and I have recieved this message from Fiverr support:

Hi there Stefan,

We are contacting you on behalf of your buyer for the order #…

Based on their request, they are strongly upset regarding the services they received. Please reach out to your buyer regarding their issues with the domain of their website, otherwise, we might have to review the orders for cancelation.

As a reminder, buyers do evaluate your overall level of services provided to them. We do not wish to see any orders canceled, however, if it is determined necessary to cancel an order, we will do that after an additional review with our relevant department.

We appreciate your cooperation.

How can this be possible, where are my rights? Basically this person is trying to get free service support and now he is trying to get the work done for free. All my effort put into his website will be for nothing? So I would ask to claim that all my work is deleted and restored to its initial state. How can they cancel an order from a month ago, where the client write he lieks the work and after a month where he aks free service, fiverr is saying that he is right… In this case, everybody can ask free service, and if someone denies, old orders, will be cancelled. What does it mean?..

You said this person is in your country? If this is the case, I would write back to Fiverr telling them that your buyer accepted this order as complete and reviewed you. However, they have attempted to harass you during and after the order process.

Then tell Fiverr, that as this person is in your country, you will be reporting them to your local police for harassment, blackmail, and theft if this order is refunded.

You delivered what was agreed in your gig and you have already assisted this buyer beyond what would reasonably be expected given their behavior. You have also exercised your right to block this person, after they have become abusive.

As I see it, Fiverr is now facilitating your further abuse/exploitation by asking you to reopen dialogue with this buyer. That is completely inappropriate, and quite frankly, I can’t understand how this can happen.


I have no words. I have just checked the website of the client. He hid some of the pages where I have done the designing. I am quite sure, he has done this on purpose to reclaim me. I guess I shall find all the screenshots I have of the work and send them to fiverr.


They can sue you, but that doesn’t mean they will win. You can also counter-sue if he decides to sue you.