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Three cancellations due to Buyer mistakes in past 24 hours... Will this affect my negatively?


Hi, I’m new to Fiverr, but have been a professional voice actor for many years. I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far and am beginning to have a number of repeat clients.

But yesterday, after talking with a Buyer through messages, and sending a $35 custom offer, this Buyer sent TWO orders for $5. Basically, they broke their script in half, both of which were over 200 words (which I charge $5 for 200 words) and neither of them had Broadcast Rights, even though my Gig states Broadcast Rights are required for YouTube videos. I sent the offer to have them fully pay for the orders, but they refused and said they couldn’t afford that because they were a student.

So, after I refused, I was able to get this Buyer to cancel both orders–and my Completion Rate dropped to 93%.

Then today, I got two orders from a new Buyer–but one was a duplicate which he immediately cancelled! He stated that there was an issue on his end that duplicated the error and he needed Fiverr to help him resolve it. I imagine this will further reduce my completion rate.

From reading the Forum and the Fiverr policy on Cancellations, I can’t tell if this will negatively affect me or not. If it does, since I’m so new, that could be a huge blow. It also means I might have been better off voicing two projects for FAR below my stated rates in order to avoid this negative impact–something I could see less scrupulous Buyers abusing. The third cancellation? I don’t know how I possibly could’ve avoided that.

But maybe it has no negative impact? Has anyone found that Cancellations have hurt their Gig Views, Orders or Conversion Rate? I’d really appreciate any guidance.

Here is my Gig for reference:


It does and fiverr does not care. I have had this happened before and even when the buyer contacted the support staff they said yes it will affect the sellers ratings.


That’s unfortunate. I just looked and noticed that the Buyer who tried to force me to do a job for less than my listed rate cancelled both orders with the message “the seller can’t do this job.”

Is this sort of behavior common? It doesn’t seem like there’s any way to FORCE someone to actually pay for what they’ve ordered–and the Buyer has all the power to bully Sellers into doing free work to avoid negative ratings.


I’m sorry for you. Unfortunately, sometimes this kind of unfair buyers behave like that. Just screenshot of every messages especially your buyers threatens and contact to customer support.


they will do nothing apart from apologies and drop your listings further.


yes it will affect on your profile but don’t worry try to complete few orders