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Three Cheers For Fiverr


I think a ranting pot really needs a bouquet of bravo

Cheer number one - Fiverr is the bright light in the tunnel between where I’ve been and my optimum existence - living live like Hugh Hefner, in my pajamas, albeit without so much eye-candy about.

Cheer number two - On several occasions I’ve had minor dealings with fiverr support and all have been totally positive! Sure they ask for feedback on service in private but I think they deserve a hearty “Well Done!” in public.

Cheer number three - I’ve seen quite a few Fiverr banners showing up in Google Adsense spots lately. Fiverr is paying good money for these ad placements and we the sellers are raking in 4 out of every five dollars that return. Fiverr you deserve a huge round of applause for this.


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