Three days ago i got order and deliver


Three days ago i got an order from buyer, buyer also fill requirement then i made logo sample and send him but not respond for any one, in last 5 min of delivery, i delivered order, but he not pick order so far.
What i do?
Can i contact CS for this or not and wait.


Hi I also have enough things like that
you must delivering the order.
then after 3 days complete your order
are you new on for fiverr?


Nothing. You did the job and delivered it so that is the end of your requirement to do anything.


Thanks @misscrystal i always appreciate your opinion.


@design_experts1 i am new on fiverr.


after delivering 3 days full complete your order
and starting CLEARING funds
good luck


He can contact you if he needs anything else. You can send him a note saying you will be happy to do a revision if he requires it.


your order will be marked as completed after 3 days of your submission.