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Three Days Loose Your Money

I was away for the longer weekend and Fiverr had taken my money and paid it to the contractor without my permissions. The reason quoted was that THREE DAYS no communication had occurred. FIVERR TOOK MONEY FROM ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Does anyone else think this is theft?


It’s not theft. As stated in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, if the buyer does nothing for 3 days after the seller delivers, the order will be automatically marked as complete. When you created your account, you had to check the box stating that you have read the terms and that you accept them.

Anyway, the seller doesn’t have your money yet. Sellers have to wait for 2 weeks after the order was marked as complete to be able to withdraw their funds. If the seller didn’t deliver as advertised, you still have time to complain to Customer Support. Or, you can message your seller and ask them to modify the order is something isn’t right.

Here are the terms that you have accepted when you created your account:

If you wish to contact Customer Support, you can submit a ticket to them here:


In addition to what catwriter said, was there a reason you think he should not be paid?


Dear Cat Writer,

You feel that some 25 pages of fine print and some 8000 words, regularly chanced is something that ANY of your users read?


If you write it in the terms of service or not, it is theft.

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It is not a question of paying or not paying; it is a question of Fiverr using my money. I have already paid this person several
times and, had it not been for this, I would have paid a few more times. But, if my being absent from my PC for three days has me
loosing my money, than this will not happen.

The contract was for 6 to 7 days, the seller delivered early and I was not back from my weekend.

Dodgy practices like this just make the site unusable!

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I don’t understand why you did not want the writer to be paid.


How did you lose money? You paid for something and it was delivered to you.

If you were not at your computer at the time how does that mean you don’t have to pay?


What is your delivery time ?

I did not authorise payment! Anything taken from my escrow account without my authorisation is theft; plain and simple. Terms and Conditions can not take away ANY LEGAL RIGHTS.

Delivery time was 6 days; delivery occurred in three. When i did return all was done and dusted.

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I do not want my money back; i will decople my paypal account from Fiverr.

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That’ll show em. 20 chars.


In fact, you DID authorize payment at the very instant you placed an order. Sellers are entitled to be paid for the work you hire them to do. And the Fiverr Terms of Service state that orders are automatically completed (unless you respond first – which you apparently did not do) three days after delivery.

Your order is complete. The seller gets paid. That’s how Fiverr works.

Your complaints on this matter are, therefore, 100% invalid. The TOS makes them invalid.

Please reread the TOS. That is the single-most important part of buying/selling here on Fiverr.


Have you spoken to the seller?
If you have worked with them before then they are likely to not have an issue in discussing this with you. The auto-complete after 3 days is pretty standard.
You cant expect sellers to never be paid if you dont ever respond.

However, making statements like “Fiverr took my money” just make you sound ill-informed or unprofessional. It’s not theft, it is nothing like theft. You agreed to a price and terms, thats what you paid and the terms have been kept to. At this stage you need to see if the seller will show some good will and make a revision or whatever the issue is. Your attitude in doing this will go a long way towards dictating how it will go.


So, you ordered a gig, the seller delivered as promised and even did so earlier than the deadline. The average buyer would be thrilled and maybe even tip the seller for early delivery. I don’t understand your issue.

Physical products are the same way for the most part. If you buy a t-shirt on Amazon, you pay up front even though you’ve only seen a picture of the shirt. The seller on Amazon might have a standard shipping time of 7 days but perhaps they live near you and your shirt arrives in 3 days and the UPS person leaves the box on your doorstep. If you are on vacation when it arrives, you still paid for it.

When you get home and find that the shirt came early, you don’t accuse Amazon of theft. The only difference on Fiverr is that your product is digital so you don’t even have to worry that a neighbor might take it from your doorstep if it does come early.


I’ve never heard of anyone saying they lost their money because an order was delivered early when they were on vacation, and therefore blaming fiverr for stealing their money.

Well, you have learned something new today; celeb

I learned that there is literally no limit to how strange people can be.


Ahhh yes. I love this place.


It must be so easy to be so simple! My artist would receive her payment any which way. That is not the issue. The issue is of a contract and i had not accepted the work needing further adjustments as per agreement. Now my artists is a good operator and said she would do these anyway. But, Fiverr closing the what is between me and her is not one no matter if it is written somewhere in the 8000+ word TaC.