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Three Days Loose Your Money

So don’t blame fiverr because you were on vacation.

You could have read the “Accepting Deliveries” part of the Buyer Help Center which is less than 500 words. It also says: "Notes:

  • After three days, your order will autocomplete.
  • If you click Request Revision, you can simply write a message to your seller and explain what you would like revised."

Regardless, your seller agreed to help you with the revision and you will still get what you paid for, so there is still no problem. Good luck.


Why is it always the $5 buyers who demand that the whole system change to suit them?

It is how Fiverr operates and what you agreed to.
The 3 day completion thing has been around unchanged for years. The ToS is written in easy to understand language and broken up into sections so you only need read those relevant to buying.

No, because if you decided to stay on holiday for another week or perhaps decided that your $5 order was not important to you any more then the order would never close so the seller would never get paid.

The agreement is that you you request changes within 3 days of delivery or it autocompletes. There isnt actually any issue here, just a person who doesn’t understand or wont accept that the fault is theirs.
Once again, I have to highlight that your whole complaint, rant and unreasonable demands here are about $5… I hate to imagine what would happen if something serious happened to you.


This was a $5 order? No wonder. :smirk:


Dear your Money Is Not Waste Please contact fiver

Oh that poor seller. I feel bad for him…what he might be going through! :roll_eyes:


My users? I’m not a Fiverr employee, I’m just a seller. This is forum, and we’re just buyers and sellers here, not Fiverr staff.

If you wish to discuss this with Fiverr staff, you’ll need to submit a ticket to Customer Support.

As for reading the Terms of Service, if I don’t read them, I might unknowingly break the rules and get banned, so yes, I’ve definitely read them. It’s sort of like having a contract with Fiverr and signing it, and I always read contracts. I wouldn’t want to unknowingly agree to giving away my kidneys.


Hey you two, get a room.


Exactly, some buyers are so strange that even they don’t understand the basic buying and selling rules. When we shop we pay first so did we consider it stealing? When order starts, Fiverr already takes money from buyer’s account. This is fair contract and dealing. :slight_smile:

The forum sometimes is a good place to lose the stress!

Honestly think he’s just looking for some publicity… my opinion.

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