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Three Incompetent Sellers w/ Good Ratings - Amazing

All I wanted to do was find one seller who could do a 500 word translation from English into German. I waited three days with the first seller and then they said they couldn’t do it because there weren’t pictures included with the text (huh?). The second seller claimed to have 24-hour delivery but then couldn’t deliver in 24 hours. The third seller sent me a file with no work in it.

I’m too exhausted to try again.

That’s pretty awful. Were they TRS’s, Lvl2’s, Lvl1’s, or Newbies? Also, how many total reviews did they have? I know the forum won’t let you give names, but I’m curious to know their respective levels and size of their portfolios.

I’ve had similar frustrations when trying to find an illustrator on Fiverr. So many of the folks I found in search results were doing artwork “in my unique style” (translation: Photoshop filter), or else they were only doing Photoshop manipulations of existing artwork. And the illustrators that I did find mostly operated on a “contact me first - I only work on the basis of custom offers” that I just didn’t have the time to sort through all of them.

Two of them had hundreds of reviews and averaged about a 4.8 star rating. The other one had three reviews and a 5.0 rating.

My friend is an English to Swedish translator on Fiverr. She is brilliant at what she does and, from what I can remember, has hundreds of fantastic reviews. But there are some things which she can’t translate due to the format the file is in, or if it is a particular poor piece of writing to begin with (she often translates things which have been translated from, say, Polish into English, so it reads wrong). Was it similar to that?

Also, some people have things pop up which means they can’t reach their deadlines!

The last guy, just tell him he sent you the wrong file.