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Three Methods for getting Orders NOW!

At this time after releasing the new Beta Feature, i think there is no way to getting orders unless by these three ways!

1- This method for the High level sellers, and it’s getting orders from old buyers.

2- This for the new sellers, and they will get their orders from Buyer Requests.

3- And this for the lucky sellers, who got the new Beta Feature.

Thanks :confused:

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There’s no Buyer Requests. It’s not been working for days. At least for me.

Yes, same here for 2 days.

I am happy Zelzal that something worked for you :slight_smile:

Which something?
Buyer Request isn’t working and i am not high level seller to have much old buyers even still not get this new beta feature!

I hope to get it or buyer request work again.

I am happy to report I am getting orders from new buyers.

Because you still appearing on fiverr search pages or you have got the new Beta feature.
Anyway you are a TR seller and you must get orders.

Which Beta feature? This looks like something you are guessing at if it doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t really look like a Tip.

I’m TRS but I getting no orders for 10 days now. :frowning:
So it’s all depend on your luck.

It’s the new promoting feature that fiverr release.

Yes, it’s a complaint mixed with a tip.
Complaint as i never showed on fiverr search pages because of this new feature and tip for the new sellers to pushing on Buyer Requests or wait for rolling up this new feature.

Hope your old buyers come back to you :slight_smile:

Got 15 orders in total from old clients and new buyers all last month, not even 1 from Buyers Requests. :sunglasses:

I still don’t know which feature, there are lots. I don’t have any beta features and I’m selling at low volume but middle-priced package prices.

If BR is stuck and some people don’t have a mystery beta feature, the tip side isn’t a tip yet. Post moved to complaints category.

Congrats! I see a lot of level 1 sellers doing ok lately. Sept was an up month for some sellers who had been struggling.

I mean by High level sellers whose are from level 1 to TR.
Also, i am sure 13 from the 15 orders you had got are from old buyers :wink:

So what about this?!

Last month(Sept) was best month ever for me.

I get new buyers every day. I’m not sure what you mean.