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Three months passed, no orders yet

Hello guys,
I have been active on Fiverr since I created my account. It’s been three months now but didn’t get any orders yet. Please write suggestions.


Bro, I am facing this problem too…

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Graphics and design is the most competitive niche; everyone does this, I must say it’s quite hard to be unique with all those people who are doing great job.


First of all, You need to do

“Business cards” are your gig’s main categories. You need to find subcategories(Like an elegant business card, stylish business card, etc) where lower competition than your main categories. Then create your gig title.

Second step:
Create your gig image EYE Catchy. Don’t use more than 2 colors. Upload 3 Jpeg images and 2 pdf. If possible upload gig videos.
write a unique gig description. Keep The gig price should be standard.

Third step:
You should provide a professional profile picture.

Fourth step:
After publishing the gig share it on social media. Send 10 buyer requests with a professional cover letter and be active on Fiverr.

If you follow this step You will get Success soon


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This article might be helpful to get more information


Wrong. How will “always being online” help someone? It won’t. There is NO need to repeat this bad advice of being online 24/7 or 18 hours a day etc. If this person has been waiting 3 months with no orders, I highly doubt it is because they are not online enough.

WRONG! Maybe you would like to familiarize yourself with the TOS. Buying or trading reviews is not allowed. So, are you saying some of your reviews are fake and manufactured to make you look more competent than you actually are? I am sure you learned this bad “tip” from some FB group where they all exchange reviews with each other.

Also, do not hijack a post by spamming your own Gig link. I am sure your Tip #1 under “NOTES” about sharing your Gig link on social media is done just like you did here - just spam your link somewhere, anywhere and that will get you orders. Nope.



thanks for correcting me