Three orders in ten days


And that was from customers that I have already dealt with in the past.

Up until recently I was getting 7-14 orders a day, most of them for multiple gigs. This stopped about a month ago and dwindled down to 2-3 a day. My competitors saw increases, but I saw nothing. I checked the gigs they are completing and it looks like 17-18 a day. This is odd as I thought I would get some orders. At the moment I am averaging about 4 a day (most orders are for 20+ articles, and thus the 4 is a lot more than four gigs). It kind of sucks.

I have taken a look at the ‘highest rated’ sellers for ‘writing and translation’ today. Despite me completing more orders than most of them, I am nowhere to be seen within at least the first 40-50 ‘gigs’. I didn’t look any further than that.

Many of my competitors have now gone on to be ‘featured’ despite the fake that they have negative feedback galore. I have 100% positive, and yet I get nothing sigh

It just baffles me as to why I am getting no orders at all. Every day I check that inbox with excitement, but nothing! I have no idea what I am doing wrong and could really do with some new orders right now.


Oh, and most of the people in that highest rated list do not appear to have completed a single order in weeks…so it looks like I am being penalized by something, but yeah. I don’t know :frowning:


Yeah it sucks, I started Fiverr right after V2 started, so that helped me a lot, but now that I have almost 500 sales, my orders are slowing down :frowning: