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Three Orders Placed When Buyer Wanted One

A new buyer just placed an order, and it was duplicated into three orders. He opened a dispute on two of the orders to have them canceled. I sent an email to see if these can be canceled without hurting my rating since it is a Fiverr technical issue and went into out of office mode because of all the technical issues I am seeing on Fiverr today. I told the buyer I am working with customer service to get this resolved and that he can still contact me, but I am going into O-O-O to keep this from happening to someone else today.

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Update: Fiverr CS canceled two of the three orders without bringing down my order completion rating.


How did you get customer support answer so quickly, i am having this same issue with my byer and i mailed them but i didnt get an answer?

I reached out to my Seller Success Manager directly when my customer started panicking… Not everyone has this option, unfortunately.

How can I get a seller success manager?

It’s by invite only. I received an invitation in my Fiverr inbox in August and accepted the invite. Everyone I’ve talked to that is in the Seller Success program is eligible for Top Rated Seller as a Level Two, or is already a Top Rated Seller.

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Ooh okay! I understand now