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Three orders that should be cancelled

Hello all!

I need your opinions about an issue i am facing since yesterday. I started working on fiverr a while ago. I tried making some gigs, working on them and building my profile so that i could attract some customers like everyone else. One of my gigs ( offering lyric videos ) got some attention and soon i started getting some orders. I did well since now, having some good reviews but all of a sudden came three orders that i can’t handle.
In the first one the buyer just didn’t send me his song. I tried the resolution center and the ‘expand delivery time’ option. The buyer accepted it and sent me a link for downloading his song but the link didn’t have any option for download. After i told him that, he asked for my email and i explained to him that this is not how it works on fiverr and that he should upload with an attachment directly on fiverr or upload somewhere else and send me the link. Since then i got no response from him. In the second order the buyer ordered the 100 words gig and his lyrics were about 360 words! After i explained to him he just didn’t respond. In the third one there’s a buyer that told me he would send some files for me to use but since then i could start working. He accepted my custom offer, i started working but since now i’m waiting for his files. I asked him if he may want to extend the delivery and he said he would come to me asap. Later on i asked him if he wanted to cancel the order and maybe finish the project some other time but no response till now.
All these while the clock is ticking in all these orders. I don’t know if there’s any possible way to avoid damaging my status which since now is quite good and i have fulfilled all the requirements for level 1.
What would you suggest me to do??


Can anyone help me please?

Hey @pet3730 Sorry to hear about this…
Unfortunately, this happens to almost every seller and happened to me as well, I would suggest to wait till the Delivery time ends, but if the delivery times end and you get no response from the Buyer then the Good Option available is to cancel those Orders immediately by contacting CS.

Thanks for the answer marleen!
If the delivery time ends can the buyer leave a bad review? Is there a direct cancel option or should i wait for the CS to make the cancellation?

@pet3730 If the delivery time ends, you still have 24 Hours to cancel the Order safely. If you did not cancel or Delivered the Order within that extra 24 hours, the buyer will get the ability to cancel the Order from her side and you will automatically get a 1-star review.You can ask the CS to cancel the Order for you, it usually takes less than 12 hours to cancel the Order but some time may take upto 24 hours time.

I’ll wait till the time expires and i’ll ask for cancellation then…