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Three packages format won't allow you to place same prices

I’ve just noticed that three packages format won’t allow you to place the same prices for every package even if you change what you offer in numbers, quantities, extras. This is intentional but at the same time needs someone to…maybe adjust it?

In example I want all of my three packages to have the same price but I will offer different options that end up to the same price.


That’s not what the packages are for. The packages are meant to implement the famous 3 tier pricing, basic consumer psychology to attract the buyer to the middle option by comparison. Having the three tiers at the same price would defeat the purpose completely, at that point you could have only one tier and specify that the client can get X or Y or Z for that price.

If you want to offer 3 different services at the same price, use 3 different gigs, one per service.

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That’s funny because I’ve never sold my middle option. My buyers are low or high or custom offer.

Nevertheless, I got your point and yes there’s science behind it. On the other hand creating 3 different gigs and occupying three different slots for such a reason is inefficient.

I’ve seen many sellers who reverse the three packages format, making more attractive the lower or the higher, intentionally. So practically middle works solely for comparison. Anyway those are individual selling and marketing strategies. I just asked why and I got my answer. Thanks.

Yeah, you can use the comparison effect to draw attention to whichever option you want to sell. Just saying that, statistically, it works better to upsell to the middle option. That’s what every big subscription service with tiers does, there’s a reason for that.

In any case, that’s not very relevant for me personally, as I don’t take orders from the order page - the prices are just indications, and I always send a custom offer priced specifically for each project. The three tiered price structure works really well for packaged, repeatable services, not so much for bespoke work.

Unfortunately, you cannot do that. But you can add some extra services and charge at least 5$ more per package. Also, packages are great for upselling your gig.

I’ve noticed that the greatest contribution of three packages format is making them so unattractive your buyer want’s a custom offer.

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Why would that be? They can be as attractive or as unattractive as you want them to be. You get to set them.

In either case, it’s generally better to be contacted by a buyer prior to an order, so win-win anyway.

I feel like this system is kinda outdated and when it comes to selling/marketing strategies I’m pro rule-bending.

I mean, provide tools I can work with but do not limit my creativity with a “preconstructed” selling model
that a) Doesn’t match my services b) Does not allow me to express my selling options as I’d love to.

So it all ends up to Custom offer as last resort.

I respect your point, but I can’t entirely agree with it. Having three packages is easy for buyers. I’m a brand identity designer. Most of my buyers order my Standard package. But some buyers what to see my idea first, so They order my basic packages first and upgrade later. Imagine someone orders my premium package, and they are not satisfied with a design I propose. in that case, packages become handy.