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Three simple principles to become a great seller! [ARCHIVED]

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am relatively new on fiverr and this is my first post in the forum. Being a seller here has been great as it has given me numerous opportunities to interact with very nice people. I’ve been in the service industry for a long time and I’d like to share with you three principles that have been serving me well over the years :slight_smile:

#1) Be courteous – Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ abundantly and always acknowledge people in every kindest ways. Focus on your ultimate goal and know that no matter what you do, you are in a relationship-building business. Show consideration and compassion for all people, whether or not they are paying you. Treat every person with respect and take every interaction as a learning opportunity with an open curious mind and a positive attitude. Over time, your competency, confidence and reputation will improve, so will your sales!

#2) Be helpful – Offer your expert advice and knowledge appropriately and generously. You are here to solve your clients’ problems and to create “win-win” situations. Make yourself that valuable and trusted person your clients can count on. Prove that their money is wisely invested with you over others. Give them reasons to come back to you. Repeat business is good business!

#3) Be fair – Listen carefully to instructions and be patient in getting the information you need. Never assume or afraid to ask when you are unsure. Do everything possible to make yourself more efficient so that you can always deliver your best-quality work on time. Promptly and gladly fix mistakes, sometimes even those that are not yours. Negotiate early and fairly. Effective negotiation means getting consensus, not necessarily giving in or giving up. When disagreements occur, remember these principles, exercise your judgement in doing what is right for you and have the courage to accept the consequences.

What are your principles that you can share?

Thanks and happy selling!

Hi pdfhelper, Don’t forget the all important “Over-deliver” whenever possible too.

Reply to @scriptwizard: Thanks, definitely do that whenever possible :slight_smile:

…& don’t forget to …(I was going to have a bit of fun here & keep going but that wouldn’t be three simple principles, it would end up as “An Indefinite Complexity of Sound Advice Information Over-load” & no one can be bothered to read much any more than a few sentences these days) lol

Reply to @scriptwizard: Hi scriptwizard,

Having fun is so important and please do have some! I think you may be right about information overload and our short attention span these days, but am sure some folks would benefit if you could share your personal three simple principles :). I hope others would do the same too…

These sound like principles of life. Thanks for the tips!

My three principles to become a great seller:

  1. Find your niche that you are passionate about, very interested in, can perform exceptionally well at, are gifted with, that is unique, that you can apply your own unique characteristics to, can become an authority in or just plain have the means, scope and ability to perform & deliver. DO NOT EVER set unrealistic delivery times to your gig even if someone else offers the same gig quicker, add an extra day if you are unsure or need to factor in unforeseen circumstances. Think about this! If you had a queue of buyers you would have to adjust delivery times anyway, so it doesn’t necessarily matter to them when it is delivered (within reason) only that it is delivered but well (RELIABILITY & quality matter, get this wrong & you may as well stop using Fiverr OR Fiverr gig buyers will stop using you). Think ORIGINALITY, what can you offer that others do not.

    Of course people are obsessed with shortening their delivery times as much as possible because they are busy chasing money. Get it wrong just a few times & you will suffer in your ratings. I say make buyers pay for the privilege of quick delivery once you have earned gig extra ability. Otherwise returning customers will demand the same service constantly but you may have got fed up with the mad pace after a short while.

  2. Treat & think of customers like they were priceless. Engage with them, develop trust, bond with them, make them feel special, respond to their review/comments as in an individual sense (not as a dull boring automated repetitive response), as soon as they order greet them with a welcome message & let them know you are on the case. Answer all messages & keep checking your Fiverr messages & activities EVERY day… COMMUNICATION is king/queen & everything that matters (in life generically too).

  3. Over-deliver: Give them much more than they expect. If you are a writer increase the word count; if you deliver traffic to websites/offers then send them traffic in excess of what was promised; if you deliver digital products throw in some jaw dropping bonuses. Before you deliver let them view the finished piece for their input… Buyers like to feel that they are a part of your creative purpose and more importantly if there is absolutely anything that could award you a bad review could possibly be smoothed out beforehand (quality & value). This would include bonuses as itsyourthing rightly points out & if you would prefer to call it deliver extra value that’s fine too… Only I assume your gig either delivers quality & value or it doesn’t (& both really are a minimum requirement).

    Apply these three principles & I guarantee you will succeed (but I stress that this is only possible if you are determined enough, patient enough & willing… It is a learning curb, so learn from your mistakes [mistakes are good because that’s the only way we can learn a lesson well] and make those effective improvements as we go).

    Hope this helps,

    Be HaPpY, LuCkY & Successful in Life

I’m starting to get queasy when I see “over-deliver”. Added value is great, and a little ‘bonus’ for clients is always nice. But if you are producing your gigs to a high standard of quality and providing polite and helpful customer service, you are fulfilling your obligations without devaluing the marketplace. To be quite frank, “over-delivering” reads as self-promoting exaggeration - like calling yourself an “expert” because you are moderately capable of doing something*.

There are many different types of sellers from many different places, on Fiverr, some can ‘afford’ to spend 12 hours on $4 worth of gig, and some cannot. Some gigs are incredibly easy to ‘overdeliver’, e.g., 10,000,000,000 + 500 fake FB “likes”, and some are not, e.g., original articles and original artwork. By telling everyone they must go well above and beyond to be successful here, is insulting to the sellers who already provide exceptional service.

*“Bragging about one’s abilities is not putting them to good use.”

Hmm, got the point, but some times (some) buyer are too much greedy!!!

Reply to @maestromaster: I am glad that you made the connection :). Would you share your three simple principles too?

Reply to @scriptwizard: Thanks for sharing, scriptwizard. You give lots to ponder :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: I see and agree with your point. I think earlier scriptwizard and I agreed on the operative words “whenever possible” :wink:

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks, oldbittygrandma. How wonderful it is to have received your nice comment! It means a lot to me :slight_smile:

Reply to @seohut: I hear you and fortunately, most buyers are reasonable and nice. Would you share some ideas as to how you would handle greedy buyers? Thanks.

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Reply to @vedmak: Well yes, there are allowances and good salesmanship does involve showing things in the best possibly light, but there are limits - and I’m sure you’ve (like myself) danced on that line a few times! :wink:

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Reply to @vedmak: Hold on a minute… if a potential buyer is a greedy (or just ignorant) bonehead, all you have to do is click report/block and you’re done dealing with them - with no horrible repercussions?

Excellent advice. Thank you.

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