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Three stars for service as expected, i'm doomed

Three stars for service as expected, i’m doomed.

They got exactly what is stated in the description of my one gig, however apparently that only warranted a 3 stars. They seem perfectly content with the work done, and by no means is it perfect. However, users have to remember this is only $5 work, which is why the star system should never exist in the first place. I would be totally for it on those gigs where people order a bunch of extras, but not for $5.

What? Is the star system still in place? I had orders since they made it “live” and I only had thumbs up(s). I hope they get the hint that this is a horrible idea:(

Reply to @cristinaghy: At the moment it’s random buyers that get access to the star system. It’s not fully in place, but enough to make a dent and ruin peoples reps for gigs that they work hard for based on the rates they get paid. Essentially, it’s not even the buyers faults. As other’s have stated, rating at 5 stars for everything warrants an excellent and perfect service of super high quality. For $5 although you should over-deliver, investing too much time into such an order would just be silly.

Reply to @cristinaghy: i think some folks still have that new ratings system on their gigs… but then its quite disheartening that some buyers go out their way to spoil a sellers ratings just for 5 quid.

I am under the star rating system on my best gigs.

I work for at least an hour total on a $5 gig.

I have had one 4 star so far for no particular reason.

It’s so unfair to use this type of system.

I wonder if you cancelled the gig if under ARS it will remove the rating. Just a thought.

Reply to @steveeyes: Oh if they don’t change it, I will put in a request for cancellation. It’s a $5 order and not worth it. I honestly think that’s why mutual cancellation not effecting your rating was implemented very recently. Because they just knew there would be an increase dramatically. Too coincidental imo.

Reply to @misscrystal: It’s mostly a psychological thing as some of my buyers have told me. They say they can’t fathom putting a 5 star even if the service was great or excellent. They’re making buyers over-think things on a $5 order.

I totally agree with a basic star rating when people order extras… but not for $5. All $5 orders should be 5 stars on everything, every time. They’re paying $5. How possibly high can their expectations be? I am nice enough to offer something for $5 but that anywhere else for the basic service would sell for $50+

If anything, the new star system makes me want to put in less effort rather than work harder as there is a higher chance i’ll be offering a mutual cancellation for incredibly high expectations or getting blackmailed by a buyer for a $5 order.

Reply to @misscrystal: 1 hour for $5? You’re better off working at McDonalds… literally.

I just put in a cancellation for one order because the buyer is demanding every few days when their order is going to be ready. I had already stated to her that she was such a number in line and that IF I had a chance I would get to it… She asked again today wanting to know… and I was like if you needed this faster, you should have ordered one of the extra fast delivery options… cancel!

I just don’t need the friggin’ grief this star system is causing me right now. If you see a large queue buyers, you should NEVER assume that it’s for single orders. I have 15 in my queue right now… 10 of which are for maxed out bulk orders… I am going as quickly as I possibly can… but I am one person and one person only… Hence the reason for the 29-day turnaround… CRAP HAPPENS!

How many TRS are on Fiverr? Probably at best we had a handful post here about ARS. I think most TRS don’t spend much time on the forum because they are busy trying to fulfill all their orders. I still say that the worse is yet to come once TRS start getting 3 or 4 stars for services that use to get a thumbs up.

Doesn’t Fiverr get it? Do they really think that ARS is worth ticking off this many members? I think the anger here we see on the forum is only a small sample of what’s to come. Wake up Fiverr and admit that you created a monster that hurts everyone, including Fiverr itself.

Reply to @steveeyes: Most major sales come from obscure TRS and Level 2 sellers that game the system. Talking hundreds of orders on an almost day to day basis. Mostly in the SEO sector, unfortunately. I offer a real service and it’s hard to get proper visibility as the others have already established a visibility near impossible to rank for on search engines because of their shady methods. Trust me, the volume of sales they get will not really effect them as most will either not bother to rate or it will balance out so quickly due to sheer volume of sales. It’s a good idea in principle yes, but it won’t really effect the sellers that are essentially keeping Fiverr afloat. Do some searching around, you’ll see what i’m talking about. Do some searching around and that is part of the reason Fiverr probably really doesn’t care all that much. Now getting one of them to up and quit or “temporarily” pause their gigs will almost instantly get Fiverr to respond.

Reply to @allast: Yeah I try to invest no more than 20 minutes unless I am trying to go in for the up-sell.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: Yeah, that and if they were that interested in a quick delivery, they could have picked the many other gigs out there offering delivery within 24 hours or a much shorter time-frame. I don’t think they get it, or they feel with the new rating system they can blackmail much easier, unfortunately.

But all of us less than 1000 sales a month sellers add up. Over time it will hurt fiverrs bottom line.

Reply to @misscrystal: Perhaps over time. I mean, it would surely ruin the community as a whole, and that’s never good for Fiverr’s PR and media exposure and that could go a long way, even if they still rake in a lot of capital.