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Three Voiceover Artists - All Computerized?!

I find this very bizarre, but it sounds like each of the voiceover artists I have received tracks from were computer generated. Has anybody had good experience here with a voiceover artist?

They all have different tones, but they all sound like they were computerized. You can tell by certain inflections and the intonation at the end of sentences. Unless they were all trained to speak that way! It’s really strange, because I listened to each one’s pitch prior to ordering, and they all seem like real human beings. Although, going back over one or two, I can perceive now a little robotic sound.

Anyway, just curious as to what your experience has been like, and if y’all have any good recommendations for a male, English, voiceover artist.

It could be your script. If you have short sentences w/ no flow, they will come out like that regardless. A lot of the voice over is the writing. I’m not saying this is the reason as I haven’t heard the audios or seen the script, but this is a common complaint from those whose scripts don’t offer a ‘flow’ in the text.

I’d love to see the script and possibly be your guy…

DTong (TRS)

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Iam sorry for your bad experience with a Voice Talent… but rest assured there are some marvellous Voice Talents here on Fiverr… and trust me iam a buyer and seller on Fiverr… You will not find such high quality Voice Overs at such low prices … Trust me … i have had so many experiences of finding great voice talents here …

I agree with the comments above. It can be due to the script not having proper flow. I can assure you I for one am not computerized. I am the real thing. There are lots of voice over artists to choose from on Fiverr. Hope you will take a look at what I have to offer.

Besides your script it might be a low quality voice over . Their gear might not be on the higher end and this can also result in a robotic sound. I recommend checking their samples before ordering, a good way is to put some headphones on, and to listen to a dry sample with no background music, this should give you a good idea of the quality you can expect when you order from that particular seller. There are many of great sellers out there :wink:

Got any samples I could prove whether it’s real or automated, chances are they’re using some TTS (Text To Speech) software like IVONA or something similar? :slight_smile:

I do voice overs! I’ll read your script of 1200 words for $5 dollars. Check out my profile and the gig with samples.

Maybe it was Text to Speech voice …but Text to Speech is so Easy to make out that even a Amatuer will catch it … but i guess here there is some other issue…

Some of the latest engines are pretty good and you can use some tricks to make them sound a lot more realistic things like using more commas, periods, etc. If you know what you’re doing but I can still tell if they are, mainly because I know what most of the voices sound like, LOL

No matter what my friend… You can make out how a real voice sounds like… i have been in this industry for almost 8 years now… When some of my customers used Text to Speech they again come back to me… Saying its very robotic and has no modulation at all… So they want me to do their VO again…So iam happy that people still value the Real Voice not the Robotic one :slight_smile:

If there is one area that fiverr has plenty of excellence in, it is voice over artists. Most of the ones my clients use are top notch so there is no issues with any of the ones I heard.

I have heard some realistic sounding robotic voices lately so yes, it is possible.

Its awful that these types of voices are even allowed on Fiverr. For Voiceover artists who invest money into studios Mics etc. it is very fustrating.

One thing to bear in mind is if you have a very large voiceover and someone is quoting a very low price it should be acse of buyers beware because a good voiceover artist is not going to do say 1000 words for five dollars.