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so i have completed an order and the buyer was happy the order got automatically completed as he didnt respond now hes telling me to help him fix something i say ok but please leave a 5 star review then ill do it (bare in mind i dont have to help him the order is completed) HIS RESPONSE:
BUYER:Surprising that you are refusing to resolve an issue created from your work unless I leave a 5-star review! Such behavior deserves a 1-star review! Resolve the issue to my satisfaction within 24 hours, or that’s what you will get.

WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE? i dont think im in the wrong right?


You should never, EVER ask for a 5-star review no matter what.

It’s poor customer service, tacky AND it breaks Fiverr’s terms of service.

If your buyer opens a ticket with CS, you are going to get a warning at best.

What you should have done was:

-offer the fix for free to offer the best possible level of service since you need great reviews and recurring customers early on to survive

  • if the fix was not actually a quick fix but something that took precious time, discuss an additional fee.

Asking for a review so that you can do something in return?



I agree, you should always put your customers service at the top, and they will naturally leave a positive review. :slight_smile:


The correct response on your part would have been "sure pay me (insert price here) and I’d be happy to. You are working for $$ not stars. Plus like already mentioned TOS violation.


oh ok thank you guys

What you’re missing is this:
The customer wasn’t online and hadn’t seen your work when it was marked as complete. The customer asked for a revision knowing they had yet to leave a review. Seeing this, you attempted to hold them hostage before they did the same to you. It backfired.

You should have stood your ground on a completed order or done the revision willingly.

What you should do is honor the revision if your gig includes them. My speculation is that customer service will be less willing to resolve the matter when you held the customer for a five star rating. It implicates you for having the time, ability and willingness to do the revision but only if you get your way.

Have some more coffee, repeat the phrase “I’m a champion” in the mirror and make this customer fall in love with you again.


I must say I see the buyer’s point here.
Is it not normal for people here to try have satisfied customers? From what I can tell, you would have done the revision if he had asked within the 3 days. In that case what is the difference in a day or two? You might not HAVE to do this by Fiverr’s rules but try going by rules of common sense or decency when it comes to customer service. Personally, I might have said something similar if I were your client - I certainly wouldn’t use you again.
Give your buyers a good experience and they become regular buyers.


I don’t think you should ever ask for a 5 star review. I’m sure this isn’t the answer you are looking for, but you asked a question and I’m going to answer it honestly; I do think you are in the wrong. Either help the customer or don’t, but I don’t think it’s okay to ask for a review and I think your buyer was right to be upset.

I’m sorry if you were just looking for validation. But if you were looking for an honest answer, there it is.