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Thumbed Reviews and Star Based Reviews - New Feature on Fiverr i guess~

Was just browsing some gigs and saw this double type of review system. It is on a TRS profile and this is the only profile so far i have seen such Thumbed Review and Stars based review system.

I think fiverr is introducing Star based review system soon! (not sure though).

My Opinion: Stars based review system is bad idea. Look at the wonderful review by buyer and 0 star. :frowning: This will ruin any sellers reputation here even by providing excellent orders and getting satisfied customer. :frowning:

99.9% of my buyers want their gig done yesterday. Fiverr just provided buyers another way to manipulate sellers and of course Fiverr’s answer is “talk to the buyer” when you can’t reason with an unreasonable, demanding, buyer.

If you delivery time is 8 days and even if you delivered the gig in 6, the buyer can say “hey, I told you I wanted it sooner – your response time did not meet my standards (buyers are boss) so I’m giving you 2 stars” Your business just sank, big time.

Every seller should go to: and put a comment below Fiverr’s blog to let them know they are tired of being put under constant pressure to meet unreasonable demands by buyers.

Absolutely awful idea implemented by fiverr. Their revenues will be severely impacted as more sellers opt to cancel orders when they haven’t received a 4/5 star rating.

Reply to @s_sayan: I just made my notation on the block… and it wasn’t positive either. I know many of us sellers are unhappy with this. As I said on the blog - if it ever makes it - that Fiverr may as well remove our estimated delivery timeframes and extras for quicker service. It won’t do us a wee bit of good.

Reply to @artportraits: I totally agree with you. This new change makes me quite nervous.

Reply to @s_sayan: I’m really surprised anyone is happy by this… well, except buyers that is.

Reply to @wingle: Let’s be honest: a star rating for a site like Fiverr just really does not work.

Technically there are 15 stars. Once i get 15 star it means i get 100% Positive Review. That is way too much for Fiverr.

>> 5 Star for Seller Response Time (which i think is completely unfair, it should be automated. Like if i deliver late, i get 0 star, if i deliver within given time i get auto 5 stars.) What if i deliver just before clock is going to out due to work load. And buyer thinks i deliver late. But actually i deliver before deadline. So i am punished!

>> 5 Star for Service as Expected (No Issue with this)

>> 5 Star for Buy Again or Recommend. (Useless)

I don’t speak for all other sheriffs, but I know for sure that some of them (and me too) think this is a really bad feature for Fiverr considering the way it’s been implemented.

I still remember when Fiverr tried this star rating in the past and many many sellers complained about it here in the forum… and it was removed very soon.

This partially new implementation has the feature that also buyers can be rated, but this fair thing has been destroyed by hiding such votes!!

No Fiverr, we really are on the wrong way.

I want to remember that we can have buyers telling "wonderful delivery, I’m really satisfied! but leaving just one star… then Fiverr, what happens to our ratings and rankings? :-q

i have not made any sales yet, but i’m already feeling discouraged by this new ratings sysytem

This is miscategorized. How exactly is this a ‘Tip for Sellers’. This belongs in ‘Ranting Pot’

Reply to @regency85:

I’m also a fervent buyer as well as a seller. I made 60 purchases last month totalling over $500 with extras. This month, I plan on making 0 purchases, simply due to the disgusting implementation of a ridiculous idea.

I know a number of others adopting a similar stance in view of this change. Surely fiverr expected a backlash from the community, but the only real way for them to understand our frustration is to hit them where it hurts, which is their back pocket.

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Reply to @s_sayan:

My level is the same: Level 2

Here it is what mentioned on that info icon next to thumbed reviews.

"Before moving to a star rating system, Fiverr was using a thumbs up & down rating system"

So it seems this new feature is going to implement soon and currently it is being tested!

Reply to @mystic_insight: You are right. But sadly it seems fiverr already made plan to implement it.

Above screenshot can show how bad it would be. Read the wonderful review and NO STAR given. This is really a BAD IDEA.

Bad idea, agreed!!!

Buyers will see anything other than 5 stars as a signal to not buy a gig. Terrible.

It will be a very easy matter to go from a perfect 100% rating down below that since there is now not just a choice between great and bad, but great, and 4 more ways to say not so great. Are they trying to discourage buying?

Every buyer will now become a critic.

i agreed to its bad idea !

They should require a star rating before letting a user submit the review.