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Thumbnail preview picture used in video

Everytime I get a video approved the preview video picture/ thumbnail picture for the video always shows me making a goofy face in the video lol . I wish I could pick which moment would display for the preview of the video . I always find my mouth is always open or eyes closed and I end up looking weird . It would be great if fiverr would let us use exact second of the video we want for the preview video picture . I find myself re editing the video and shortening it to try to guess what second the thumbnail preview is gonna display as I don’t think anyone is gonna wanna buy my gig if I look all weird in my display picture. I love fiverr so much but I wish they would implement what youtube does and allow you to pick your thumbnail preview video picture


Put in a request to Fiverr Support to have the thumb changed. You can give them a time frame reference and they will do it.

wow i didn’t know that here i was spending all this time re uploading hoping for other display pictures lol

Yeah, I had some goofy looks on my videos too. Support makes me look a little less goofy!