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Thumbnail Size Confusion

I decided to update my gig thumbnail, when I googled for the size of the thumbnail it showed me 550x370 and I created thumbnails on this size. Now when I open my gig through browser it shows the thumbnail completely in the gig but when I see it through mobile application, it shows incomplete, zoomed out version of the thumbnail which obviously cuts out some information. Can anybody tell me how to resolve this problem?


yeah the size of gig image exactly same .but my gig image shown same on mobile and Pc.

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Can you confirm by checking the thumbnails of my virtual assistant gig on ?
I asked one of my friend to send me a screenshot through his mobile, there I cant see the complete thumbnail

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ok @najum98 let me check.


I have checked .Gig image but the information you put on the image.Take some space around the image about to point 5 inches.
Then it will be better.

I have used the same dimensions then why is it happening?

Does it look any better if it’s in an aspect ratio of about 1.6197:1?

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Does this makes any difference?

Try things out, and see if they work. None of us can guarantee that something will work for you. it the image works better for you, and brings in more customers at that size, great, if not, try something else.

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That (approx 1.6197:1) should be the same aspect ratio of the gig images that are shown on the profile. It should be less likely to crop much I think.

According to this:

Use the right image proportions. Don’t stretch, rotate, or use images that are too small. The recommended image size is at least 690 x 426px.

The image size there is the same aspect ratio it shows for the gig images on the profile page (1.6197:1).


The fiverr app need more work on it in the future by developers, so it’s important to see thumbnail on desktop if it works correctly (Almost buyers come from fiverr desktop).
for the thumbnail resolution I use 690*426 it works fine for me (keep texts on center of thumbnail to avoid zoom).

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