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Thumbs and Thumbs Down System - Ditched

Now we have a crappy 5 star rating system. There is quite literally no point to that.

Expect to see most seller’s ratings plummet when they are giving either 1 star or 5 star.


and I have looked, some positive comments where the user was asked to rate but did not select a star rating are now classed as negative reviews :slight_smile:

And negative reviews now appear instead of positive at the top of gig pages (you know that little quote thing that is meant to showcase previous reviews?)

Now emblazoned across my page is:

"Order cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time"


I’m not sure where you’re seeing the star rating. I’ve checked my and your profile, and can still see the thumbs up and thumbs down system.

The appeared on profiles this morning for about 2 hours. It said “Fiverr has now switched over to a star rating, the feedback below is from when we used a thumb rating system” (or words to that effect). All recent feedbacks then had a star rating instead (somewhere between 1 and 5 stars, feedbacks, even with positive comments, were classed as negative with less than 2 stars or something like that)

It disappeared after 2 hours (I think, I fell asleep back then!)

I guess it is in the final stage of testing and will launch soon.

They might want to fix their current system before going and burying it for a new one. Seems… a bit weird. I don’t really see the point of an overhaul of the feedback system. I do think they should “lessen the load” though as to how 1 bad feedback can effective your rating so much. I have been here a long time and most of the technical errors I have are due to the fact that bugs that were never fixed were buried in their system. Aka, ignoring current bugs no matter how small will inevitably lead to a major crash whether now or a few years from now causing a potentially huge loss of data. Over-all, I would agree with you and am kind of against this idea but as users we really don’t have any control over this, unfortunately.

I feel that if I’m able to cancel orders (without it negatively effecting me) I would have a much better rating overall on several of my gigs. Some clients just order too much for $5 and get pissy when you cancel the order. Or however some of mine were handled , I have several “Seller failed to deliver on time” reviews when I’ve not even gotten the order. There have been a lot of problems with this system and its really hard for me to want to stay on the platform much longer.

The main problem I saw with this system (although I loathe it to its very core) is the fact that EVERY sale before a certain date had a star rating of 0 attached (i.e. negative feedback). The 2 seller’s profiles I saw it on therefore had a rating of about 1/5 or something like that. Could have been 1/2 out of 5! It’s just silly. Why confuse people with a star rating? Thumbs up and thumbs down are enough (these have both been eliminated from the new system. You will no longer rate up or down, just mark out of 5)

Not sure why they would try out a system that give buyers the opportunity to give not just a positive or negative, but a positive and choice of four negatives, as anything other than 5 stars will be seen by buyers.

They are copying Amazon for some reason and what works on Amazon will not work here. Gigs need to be either acceptible or not. On Amazon buyers are turned into little tyrants by having so many choices to rate products. Here we are not rating products, we are rating people. Great way to destroy sales and morale. Now all the buyers who don’t leave a rating will be leaving two and three star ratings. Watch sales plummet. fiverr, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

@ryangillam My ratings are kind of doomed then as due to the services I offer it’s better if the client didn’t rate positive or negative for client confidentiality reasons. That and from my understanding/experience in general, most people don’t leave feedback.