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"Thumbs Up" is not a review

I think when you buy a gig (like the internet marketing ones) you need to leave a usefull feedback sharing your resuls with the gig, so others can know how did it went, that way we will initiate a culture here of honest reviews, and great sellers will be floaded and sellers with poor results will have to improve.

$5 a gig is very cheap, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be of quality. Whenever you buy a gig leave a significant review, you don’t have to thumbs down but at least leave feedback!!

No more “Thums Up” reviews :slight_smile:

who’s with me!

I usually understand that means they’re not 100% satisfied with the work, but it’s an acceptable job for 5$ (or the amount of money they have spent). And some people are just lazy.

Those Gladiators in Rome might have thought the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down gestures were a sufficient “review” of their performance.

My definition of thumbs up → So happy and excited that i can’t even type anything.

I have given thumbs up a few times both to buyers and sellers in cases when i simply just have a few seconds to spare.

I didn’t realize so many people just leave a “thumb’s up”, with no comment. I guess because with my gigs I always have to have a bit of discussion and maybe establish a rapport with my buyers, they always write good comments if they leave a review (about 75-80% do). And I always do the same.

Now I’m going to appreciate those comments even more!! =D>

This post was a surprise to me, too.

I have left a comment, on EVERY gig I have purchased so far!

I love getting an ecstatic comment, but I’m perfectly happy with a generic “thumbs up” …at least it’s not a thumbs down! What celticmoon said is completely true; if you engage with your buyers and are extra friendly and communicative, they are usually much more likely to leave a comment along with a positive rating.

I like a thumbs up. I do the best gig possible and that’s my main concern.