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Thumbs up + NEW star ranking

Hi Fiverrs, just wanted to let you know if you didnt already, that Fiverr, in additional to buyers giving a thumbs up also asks the buyer to give 5 star ranking for different categories. Im pretty sure this is a new system from fiverr, correct me if i am wrong.

Anyways just wanted to let you know. I think its a great idea from Fiverr.

Keep those great gigs and customer service going :slight_smile:

Yeah i suppose if can be a good and bad thing. But allows the buyer to be truely honest without the seller knowing what they said, otherwise its just great(thums up) or not good (thumbs down) and nothing inbetween if a seller produces average work.

But would be great to see the ratings for the sellers own personal benefit, and to improve as a seller

Yes but the buyer knows that as soon as they say something like that, the seller has the opportunity to reply with a similar or worse comment.

I think the star rating helps give a better idea for Fiverr of which gigs are truely good gigs compared to which are average and therefore can rank the fiverr members(gigs) better.

yeah new levels would be great i think as well. just have to wait and see