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TICK TICK TICK BANG! Dropped Seller Level


Drop in ranking?
The BUYER Starts the order without supplying everything
while I’m still waiting for the addtional items like content or photos the clock is ticking away!
That’s not my fault that the customer didn’t get me everything on time, and most of the time I’m happy to start with what they have.
There might be some back and forth with questions, ideas and the BUYER IS OK WITH ANY DELAYS! We’re just developing the best gig result we can working together.
Most of the time they aren’t bad customers either, they are great, just waiting for items themselves.
I really think Fiverr needs to reevaluate that clock count down.
My regular customers keep getting confused with my ranking going up and down and gigs disapearing because you can only have so many posted per level.

Anyone else experiencing this?


The clock on orders should not start until the buyer responds at least once to a seller’s questions. This should be an option that sellers have for each order!

Sellers need to be able to stop the clock one time after an order begins while they wait on a response to their question.


Actually it is a nice idea…


Or a way to re-request information/ask for the requirements again. I feel like that’s the only way something like this would work. SOMETHING like this is needed to eliminate the buyers who, without inquiring in messages beforehand, order and say “n/a” or something along those lines and then hours can go by without the information us sellers need. Glad this was brought up and I hope somebody from Fiverr sees this and thinks about implementing it.


You can control all of this in your gig settings. ALWAYS request the buyer to input the gig details or files before you commence work.

Most times, when you are having a conversation with a potential buyer, they normal supply the details in your inbox, still insist they send it again in the order page proper.

The order will never start unless they have supplied the files and you will also be given the option to commence the gig if you are satisfied with the requirements. That should fix that.


The countdown is HORRIBLE!
the buyer can ask a modification a SEC before my day off starts (my HOLY day off, where I cannot turn on electricity and use the computer from religion reasons)
and BAM!! countdown oUT OF THE BLUE is counting back from 2 minutes.



Totally! It drives me nuts when someone just orders a gig (that are out of scope of the listing) and then I have questions, or need content and I’m the one being penalized for it. NOTE TO ALL BUYERS: Please contact us first with questions or as a heads up! it would really help.

I have THREE Gigs right now that folks have ordered and NOT started they’re just sitting in my que, they’ve been there for months - who does that? I’ve Nudged and messaged all of them too.

Anything we can do to make it better for both parties. We would get jobs done sooner and more accurate with better communication.


If they haven’t activated the orders, it is better to leave them in the queue than to cancel them. Cancellation will affect your ranking.


Sometimes buyers just input nonsense or something that’s not useful in those areas. I have very detailed order requirements for my short story gig, and that doesn’t stop people from putting n/a in each section.


Good point. Another idea is once buyers submit requirements, have sellers check off that all requirements have been submitted first, then the clock starts.

I’m finding some buyers are submitting their requirements through the form with filler text, similar to this “will send later” or “not sure”. Well, I’m not sure how I can complete the project either till I have everything I need. LOL :wink:

Time passes, no reply from the buyer. Clock is ticking. Seller sends numerous message like “hey please submit the info would love to get started” or “hey just 24 hours left, still need info” Lol. Then, order goes into late status, revision or every sellers fave – cancellation. Blah. Not a fan of buyers tricking the system.


Very difficult when you’re trying to act in good faith and communicate and follow-up promptly, and you get penalized.


You have a button to make the gig requirements mandatory. If they don’t send you the requirements the clock will not start ticking.
A good practice is to discuss all the necessities beforehand, then create a custom offer and make said requirements mandatory. This prevents most problems.


I use that, but often they do not send everything “owe I’ waiting on one more photo” or they don’t read the requirements and don’t tell me a size, or color or specifics asked for. Once they enter everytihng the clock is ticking away.


GREAT IDEA!!! Love it, good suggestion.


It does when buyers simply put “n/a” or “none” and click start.