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Hi All

What started this rant was a negative feedback from a ‘buyer’ - here’s the scenario …

This gig is a bespoke solid object, so I need a full name and shipping address and some data to work with - simple request ?.

Buyer orders an extrafast gig. I reply within 10mins of the order saying that I require a full name and shipping address please (already asked for in the gig preamble BTW) - I also say that there is a minor issue that needs addressing with the image he supplied - can this be fixed.

No reply within 23 hours, so I mark the order as delivered to stop the extrafast clock (I’ll come to that later :slight_smile: and let the buyer know that as soon as I get the necessary info, I’ll crack on and ship the item in a timely manner.

About two days later (I don’t have an accurate mark on that) I get a negative feedback against the order - with a “NEVER MIND!” comment - in shouting caps ! I replied to the buyer asking what the issue was, but receved no replies to the emails.

So, I thought no more about it, nothing more than getting customer support to remove the offending comment and move on - I’m a nice person BTW :-))

Now, bear in mind that I have spent time, effort and materials, the subsequent gist of the support reply was that the negative comment couldn’t be removed without cancelling the order. I really don’t understand why I should have the order cancelled - after all, I spent time, effort and materials on it. It’s a bespoke item, I can’t pass it on to someone else. Just because someone doesn’t give me the shipping details or fix a minor issue, why should I be out of pocket - not to mention the negative report - tell me what I did wrong !

This brings me on to the ‘stop the clock’ issue. I was chastised by support for doing so (even though I read in these forums that this was a valid thing to do in these situations - it’s not a chess clock sadly) - the gist of the comment was that it could result in my accounts closure !

Support’s solution to this issue is get the buyer to click the ‘cancel’ button at the bottom of the order - this is the same buyer who doesn’t respond to emails at all, so the gig clock keeps running - hello?

So, as sellers, yet again, we have to take the brunt of obnoxious buyers who it seems can do anything they like - then to cap it, get penalised by fiverr for cancelling the gig and chastised on the side by support for attempting to do the right thing.

I’m about a hair away from pressing the gig delete buttons and walking away from Fiverr. This scenario has happened to me regularly and it seems that fiverr/support really don’t give a hoot, it’s almost just a box of canned PC answers they drag out without giving the questions any sensible thought.

It’s not as if Fiverr aren’t making money from this - I just found out that they charge the buyer 20% on top of the shipping cost that shows on the seller’s control panel - sellers have to pay for packing etc and get diddly squat - 10% of that would be nice!

I don’t suppose for one minute that any of those issues will be fixed - a lot like the software - at least I have vented my ire for today :slight_smile: /RANT :slight_smile:

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Using ‘stop the clock’ can lead to account closure? Never heard that before 0_o Can you past their response here? :slight_smile: I stop the clock a lot, mainly to deal with HTTP errors. Customer support told me off the other day for the first time ever for doing it! They said that you need to bear in mind that sometimes HTTP errors may occur, and if they do, then you are technically late and people have the right to cancel. They said I need to build it into my delivery time! Which I can’t do.

[Sheriff’s Note: Please don’t promote the sharing of private dialogue between a user and Fiverr support. Thank you.]


There’s a lesson in this, don’t deliver what you can’t deliver.

This stopping the clock really can put you in a bad situation, and like others before you, received a negative feedback from the buyer. There are advocates of this method but I am certainly not one of them, too much mumbo jumbo about reading buyers, it’s impossible to analyse the buyer when you have never met them, don’t know their state of mind, ethics, mood, perception…

I have been in your situation lots of times and the advice I am given from the horses mouth so to speak by Fiverr support, when I give them the heads up about these types of situations, is that “it’s best to cancel an order than to deliver something you can’t do” and risk getting yourself a bad rep.

That’s why there is a drop down in the support portal that says "My Buyer hasn’t provided the info I need.

The moral of the story try your best to get the buyer to get in touch, leave it as far as you feel comfortable and if there is no response ask Customer Support to step in and help, that’s what they are there for huh?

Hope you got your situation sorted anyways.?


I think this may be Fiverr’s fault.

Occasionally I get voiceover projects that include phone numbers and addresses in the script. The Fiverr automation will block those messages from getting to me, because it looks like a buyer and seller are trying to get ahold of each other outside of facebook. I suspect your buyer sent you the information, but it was blocked and you never saw it.

When this happens to me I try to contact the buyer again and tell them what I suspect is happening. To please send me the information in the form of an attachment.

Good luck!



Hi All

Thanks for all the comments and support :slight_smile:

My personal opinion is that ‘stopping the clock’ is a perfectly valid thing to do - BUT not by having to mark the gig as delivered. It is really a ‘bodge’ because of the awful set of software that fiverr forces upon us - it wouldn’t work in a truly commercial environment.

A simple ‘chess clock’ would sort this issue out IMHO.

If the buyer were ‘forced’ to give the correct info in the preamble to start with by means of a form [say] then 95% of the standard issues would dissipate.

You can’t get the buyer to communicate if they are not listening - ie away from their mac/pc/tablet whatever - unless you can push them an SMS message to say that they need to read their email, you’re on a loser.

@oldbittygrandma - I did read that article earlier, but I’ll repeat that if the buyer isn’t listening, you’ve lost, you can’t have a dialogue with someone that isn’t there (or chooses not to reply - which happens regularly - you can easily tell if they have been online recently, just click their alias) - hence the ‘chess clock’.

I don’t have any issue with waiting on a customer to respond - they can take as long as they like as far as I’m concerned - I just don’t want to be penalised for their indecision/procrastination/deafness - which is what all this silliness is about.

@ozzieuk - I don’t think for one minute that stopping the clock caused the negative feedback, I won’t go into the details, but I’m pretty certain there were other ‘issues’ that he had let’s say. OK on the customer support step about not providing info - when does one implement that step, before or after the clock has stopped :-? And is one penalised for being late by doing so?

@madmoo - thanks for the redirects, perhaps I can reciprocate some time !

While I’m here, perhaps someone can truly enlighten me about cancelling gigs (from either side) - it seems to be supports answer to all evils - does fiverr keep a blacklist where you get black marks each time you cancel (or are late in delivering :slight_smile: )- all designed to keep the populus in tow ?

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I’ve just had a problem with a buyer not sending the information but has started the clock asking if I received it. This is a repeat buyer but a relatively new one and I’ve opted for the mutual cancellation instead of the stop the clock method. I don’t like the idea of not posting something that I have promised to deliver. There is always the option for the buyer to come back with the information and deny the mutual cancellation.

I think the only time I’d be comfortable with stopping the clock is if I’d gotten the ok from the buyer. There’s a couple that I’m on quite friendly terms with now and they know I will deliver.


@aingham67 - ok, so stopping the clock by hitting the deliver button is considered a sin (even though you WILL deliver given the information) - I’ll take that as read :slight_smile:

By hitting the ‘mutual cancel’ button, does that actually stop the clock, or do we have to wait on a reply from the buyer (which kind of defeats the purpose if the buyer isn’t responding). Further, if the buyer then declines the cancellation and finally produces the gig info, you only have a few hours to complete - which may not work if you are sleeping in your part of the world - then we’re back to square one again.

I’m still in favour of a chess clock.

It seems that there are no well defined rules in Fiverr’s statements - it’s all a bit fluffy around the edges until you break one of their ‘unwritten’ rules :slight_smile:

Best regards



Reply to @fabricafifa: Hey Neil

It doesn’t stop the clock when you hit the mutual cancellation button. However if the buyer fails to respond to the mutual cancellation within 48 hours the order is automatically cancelled and the funds are returned to the buyer.




We do bump in to each other a lot Ang :wink:


@madmoo - tnx for the support info. I had occasion this morning to take a good look at the rules and regs laid down in the fiverr ‘terms of service’ and to be honest, there is nothing written down!

There are no rules essentially and certainly nothing definitive - why is that?

To be honest, I fail to see why we should have to pre-empt a lack of communication by a buyer. - this is nonsensical - I really don’t see who gains in all of this stupidity.

I’m in the same situation again today where a buyer asked for an extrafast gig, one day in my case, but I’m getting no communication about a simple issue with his request - he may only check his email once a day (if you’re lucky) how does that work with an extrafast gig? Perhaps the purchase of a crystal ball might be in order.

It seems crass stupidity to ask support for a mutual cancellation - especially when it takes 48hrs. - and then another black mark for cancelling WTF?

I attempted to edit my buyer instructions today to include a note that they should monitor their email regularly, only to find that I can only get 9 lines of text in!!!

If you paid for this software service, you’d ask for your money back - I think I’ll ask fiverr for a cancellation - I’d like my money back please - and they’ve had lots of it!

Best regards