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Ticket collection /checking system using googledocs spreadsheets

I need a ticket redemption database.

I have created a simple database in googledocs. Basically what i want is this

A form to input data, not just any but a slightly interactive form.

Input Form


I want to be able to input Name (Textbox) Surname, (Textbox), Type of ticket (From Dropdown menu), Contact Detail( textbox), Table Number (should be limited from 1 - 30), Seats ( one to 12 - this can actual check in real time how many seats available and only display a drop down with 1 2 3 4 upto maximum seats available. Once all twelve seats are taken then it shouldnt allow input of seats on that table.)

Retrieval Form


On the wedding day ppl come and say their name / surname

The form should do a lookup and find that name and display in a nice window. Have Table Number displayed big letters as it is whats important but also have all details of customer displayed too. Once guest has been given there should be a tickbox to say this person has come in. If one person buys multiple tickets there should option for them to come in and only have say 2 tickets marked as used and the remaining three remain valid. Incase their husband is still looking for parking or something.

can u do this? Let me know if you can.