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Till date I sent 1000 buyer request


I haven’t actually checked how many I’ve sent for a while. Apparently it’s in the 400s.


1000 requests > 27 reviews


Have you got orders ??

He has 27 reviews, so I’m assuming yes.

Yes I am getting orders…

Not sure if this is an accomplishment or something to be sad about…

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how can I send buyer requests as a seller

As a seller, you don’t send a request. You check the requests, and if you see something that you can do or want to work on, you send an offer to the buyer.


Go to the selling tab. The buyer request section should be there. Click “Send Offer” and you should be good to go.

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thanks @somaginer1996 @catwriter

I have sent 1012 now :slight_smile: I just send the requests with high budget now. Just to be active and get clicks.Not in hope to get the job. Its a win win if accepted You got a high value job if not You will get a click atleast.


It’s not about how many you send but how you send it.


You’re sending offers just to get clicks? :unamused:

Yup, when I have time. Its just like I can’t see red things in app. impressions clicks etc. Thats not like I send requests to irrelevant jobs. I make sure they are relevant ones and I do apply all the tips to engage buyer with my requests. If they accept my proposal , I give them more than what they want. Because I had apply with higher budget than my gig. and yes most of them become repeat buyers after then :wink:

You only have 63 reviews. I thought You were a TRS by seeing your posts. You deserve more.

I probably won’t get the TRS badge because I only do bigger projects that take 3-4 weeks to deliver. So I won’t even hit the minimum 100 orders in the next couple of months :slight_smile:

To be honest I don’t really care for the TRS badge. Fiverr is not my primary or even secondary source of income so the only benefit of releasing the funds in 7 days instead of 14 is not a concern for me.


Yeah , I too was expecting fiver would not be your primary source of earning. This makes sense.

Have u got any order??

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Yes I am getting orders @mundesigner