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Time and Date for gig delivery?

You guys, is it me or Fiverr still hasn’t implemented the feature where it tells you the exact time and date when the gig expires in your local time or any time at all?

Countdown is cool! But that’s it?

I am highly organised geek and would like to use my iCalendar to make a note when certain gigs need to be delivered.

Seeking help here! please

Please don’t even think about suggesting calculator!

It’s 2015 and my fridge knows what’s missing.

Fiverr will tell you at least what date the order is due on. And you could get the time off of the timestamp on each order.

Reply to @emasonwrites:

FIVER DOESN’T TELL YOU WHAT DATE ITS DUE! Thats the whole point of this post.

What I think would be sensible enough is for fiverr to tell me that your gig is due for example on 30th January at 15:31 your local time. But instead he forces me to make my own calculation for each gig.

As if there was no one in Fiver IT that could implement simple script doing that calculation automatically.


Reply to @sscmike: Yes, I understood the point of the post. Fiverr does tell you the date the order is due. If you go into Manage Sales (drop down list you get by hovering over your username, click on “My Sales,” click on “Manage Sales,”) it gives you a list of your orders and when they’re due. Not the time, like I said above, but they do give you the date it’s due. A big ol’ list of with the buyer’s name, what they ordered, the day it’s due, and how much they paid.

Additionally, when Fiverr sends you an email letting you know you have a new order, down at the bottom, after it says the kind of gig and the gig amount, etc., there is some gray text that also tells you the date the gig is due (though that day is usually ahead of my local time).

Maybe someone should develop an iPayattentionbeforeiflipmysh*t app.

Reply to @emasonwrites: Indeed it tells you the date when you click manage sales. But as soon as you open the gig there is no longer due date.

Never the less it does not tell you the exact time this gig is due which is a shame. I have clients across the ocean so really whats morning for them is evening for me and someone would think about that.

I need date and time clearly stated when I open the gig. Not that flipping count down like in some ironman championship.

Reply to @itsyourthing: ROFL.