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Time and task management


Hey guys! It’s my first post here, so apologies if I don’t get something right.

I’m about to get to five years on fiverr, and after all this time I’ve learnt the consequences that working too much can have on your body and mind, so I just wanted to share some advice. After the first couple of years, I started using two main apps: OmniFocus Pro and Toggl.

The former is a task manager app, and it has done wonders for me. It allows me to organize my work in and outside fiverr, as well as making sure I don’t forget to do the important stuff in my life (go to the doctor often, take days off, go to the gym, etc.). I highly recommend using OmniFocus or other task management applications (I’ve heard great reviews about one called “Things”), specially if you deal with a lot of orders and have to manage multiple projects at the same time.

The latter is a time tracking app, and I can’t recommend this one enough, it really opens your eyes to the way you actually use your time instead of thinking of the ideal way you think you use your time. I get monthly reports on how much time I spent working on fiverr, how much time i spent working out, etc. And having that info is very helpful to me when I want to make an effort to focus on my mental health.

Hope you guys found those interesting! I’m curious to know if there’s anyone out here on fiverr that uses these apps or other methods to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Happy new year!



Good tips. Thx.

I my self also find overwhelmed sometimes.


Thanks for sharing those 2 tips. :blush:


I use Things 3 app and been using it since 2017. I am an apple sheep so I wanted a software or an app that works and sync on all of the apple devices and I found Things. It has beautiful UI and it provides latest updates.

The other app I am using from 2017 too also is Money Manger. I can track all of my incomes and expenses here whether its came via fiverr or outside of this platform.
It also has a web interface so I can add a income or expense via my Laptop using the IP address. All of the apps here do provide ICloud support so I am 100% sure with all of my data.


This is a great thread! Thanks for the advice and tips. I’ve pretty much just been using post it notes and the “Notes” app on my phone, these would be much more organised I think.


This is an useful post. I use a task management tool to manage my task. It helps me to do work timely. Thank you for sharing your experience with us :slight_smile: