Time difference affects the clock?!


I am currently working on a translation which comes along nicely, so this does not affect me that much. But if I had been in a hurry, it would have.

This morning I logged into Fiverr, and the clock told me I had 2 days and 14 hours left to complete the order. Six (6) hours later, it said: 2 days and 2 hours. After I refreshed the page, the clock said: 2 days and 8 hours, like I had expected it to say.

This is not only weird, but may be really confusing to someone who actually is close to the deadline!


Thank you, bacha85! I will mail them because meanwhile the order is already delivered. I suppose the e-mail address is support@fiverr.com?


Reply to @belgianwriter: My clock varies all the time. Refreshing the page fixes it every single time. I don’t know if the clock will erroneously “run out” and then be revamped by refreshing the page. It has never come to that for me.


Reply to @cheezees: good to know that I am not the only one this has happened to and that refreshing the page will fix it.

I did notify CS, but I have not got a response yet.


Reply to @kjblynx: It will be dealt with about now, I guess. I got a return mail from Val who asked me to provide the order number.

However, will they be able to notice anything, because meanwhile, I have delivered the order?