Time difference between USA and other countries


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Well l want to discuss time difference between USA and other countries which affect sales. I guess we should work according to USA standard time as most of the buyers are from USA.
In past year I used to work by Germany standard time but got a few orders in 10 months .By the start of 2017 I started to stay online late night here (of course not in USA) and send requests when its 9’o clock there, I got 12 orders in just 6 days (I know its not a large number ,being a level 1 sellers its quite a great job,what you think?)
It is a bit tough to awake late night may be till 3am here but it really works in my case. Here is a list of time difference between USA and some other countries may it help.
Germany is 6 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA
United Kingdom is 5 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA
South Africa is 7 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA
Canberra ACT, Australia is 16 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA
Pakistan is 10 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA-
India is 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Washington, DC, USA
Now I have saved American time in my mobile and try to work when those people seem to available .

Will more than happy to see your opinion.Thanks


So currently you are located in Pakistan. Correct?


Yes,and I have asked that in "using sister’s account"
How did you guess that?


Didn’t you say that this is the account of your sister Anjylina who got married in August and left her account? Or are you Anjylina who is now back and using her account again?


Nope,I’m using her account. I have asked for that and get answer one account can be used in one laptop. So I’m continuing it.


anjylina is no Pakistani Girls name however :smile: I could not find any… Best of luck for sales however…


Are you kidding ?That’s a silly comment.I guess:joy:


Sorry I don’t understand.


Just live your own life in your own time zone - don’t let anybody else’s time zones bother you.

If buyers want to order, they’ll order - if you have the Fiverr app on your phone it’ll show you as being online anyway - just silence your phone during the night so you don’t get wakened by the notifications.


catwriter Has got good memory :smiley:


So, it’s not you who got a few orders in the last 10 months, if you only got here after your sister got married?

Anyway, to answer the time zone difference question: it’s up to you, really. Some sellers stay awake at the time they’re most likely to get sales, but some can’t do that (think day jobs, families they need to take care of, health reasons, and so on). Another thing to consider is: do you want to work with the buyers who must have it done yesterday (mostly because of poor time management)? There’s no such thing as a T-shirt design emergency.


She posted her question (about using her sister’s account) 3 days ago, and I’m the only one who answered. It’s not difficult to remember. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yes I have fiverr app in phone. But I guess time to send offers to buyers is appropriate when its morning in USA.What you think?


I think you may be making life more difficult than it needs to be - unless you want to live your life in a time zone different to those around you.


BTW - does Zoella know you’re using her image as your profile picture?


Don’t know.Account was published by my sister.


May I allowed to edit it?


Sure you can - go to ‘my profile’ and click the image - you’ll be able to upload a new image from your computer.

Better safe than sorry!


He was insinuating that you are lying about your entire story about your profile.

Probably an attempt to start a *******conflict here…
(He retracted his statement now tho…)


No I’m not lying. Honestly true what I said. If it is that then why do i asked about using sister’s account?This is why because I don’t want to hide myself.