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Time Duration of Multiple orders

Buyers place multiple orders at once. We’ve defined the time duration for 1 gig when there are multiple orders time duration should increase. Fiverr count for the specified time duration even for 4-5 orders. Isn’t this a problem for others? I think when there is multiple orders time duration should increase at least from 1 day. What you think?

Yes. I have the same problem. I’ve asked Fiverr support to fix this, making time stack just like price does when buyer add multiples. But they said to me that this is not an important issue now. I guess if many people complain about it, they may fix this problem!

I know how you feel.

I kind like having someone who placed an order for 12 faces of cartoon without gave a single notice.

even I could finish it before the deadline, could you imagine how it feel to finish 12 cartoons in 6 days? and that doesn’t include my another order. so I had to finish up to 23 cartoons a days!

that’s exhausting :frowning:

I didn’t even have time to sleep. I only slept 2 hours a day!

fiverr should make new policy about placing multiple order. make a limit for it, increase the time frame, or at least give us first warning so I can send them custom offer.

This is a great suggestion!