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Time Extension or Delivery?

Hello everyone,
I have an order for which the buyer has sent me 2 out of 3 required images for processing. I have completed the given work but have been waiting to receive the 3rd & final image. The order was due within 1 day of placement but I had to extend time by couple of days (to which he has agreed). However, he is still not responding to my message and has not yet sent me the 3rd image. The extended deadline ends in about 4 hours.
What do you think my course of action should be? Do I “Deliver” this partially completed work (which I don’t think I should do) or do I request another time extension (which can affect my rating)?
Please suggest. Thank you


Requesting time extensions doesn’t affect your rating as far as I know. So I would do that and use the reason “I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer” or “the buyer is not responding” and remind them that you can’t complete the order as long as they’re not sending the third image.


Thanks. what happens if you request for a time extension and the buyer doesn’t respond to that either? Will the order become a late submission?

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Read the ToS. You aren’t allowed to submit partial deliveries, only complete ones.

And would it help your review ratings if you deliver an unfinished product?

It is unfortunate if you get penalized for lateness – that’s why I stopped caring about levels ages ago – but the solution isn’t to break the rules and hurt your reputation with a seller.

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Thanks. I am aware of the ToS and not deliverying partial work. I haven’t delivered it yet and been sitting with the completed work for the last 2 days now.
My concern is if the buyer cancels the work when he finally comes back because I have not been able to deliver and he would not have responded to the time extension.

Looks like another extension is the way to go.

That’s not what you said.

I implied I am aware of the rules.
Anyway I will extend time and wait. Don’t want to hurt reputation with seller.

Once you requested an extension, the buyer has a certain amount of days to respond, should be either 2 days or 4, I’m not 100% sure.