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Time extension query. Veterans please tell

Hi there,
I wanted to ask that I am having an order with a client. But the client is quite slow. I delivered the work a day before and received clients revisions 10 minutes before the deadline. Now i sent him the extension request, but the client is not responding. I have made the revisions ready but cant deliver unless clients accept.
I wanted to ask what if client does not accept the revision and the timer that says client has this amount of days has finished. What will happen then?


Did you deliver your work first time with a green “deliver” button or just in messages?


If you already delivered one time and order state is “In Revision” , No need to send time extension again.


You don’t need extended time if and only if you deliver first order within time period just do the revisions and deliver it.


Yes using the green button obviously.


I delivered first, buyer asked for revisions ten minutes before the deadline. So i instantly sent him time extension request but no response. Now i cant deliver and its stating late delivery.

I delivered once and he requested revision ten minutes before deadline. To deliver again, i need time extension so i can deliver again. Its stating late delivery and delivery button is gone since its in late stage. Buyer isnt responding.

Hello there,

Did you try cancelling your time extension request? If no, then cancelling it will enable you deliver your revised work. In any case, you do not need time extension to deliver a revision. The “LATE” delivery of revised work will not affect your account if you made your first delivery in time.


It does not allow. If your work is revision, and late you cant re-deliver. You need to extend time deadline to deliver.
Late delivery affects your on time delivery. Your remarks above are incorrect please

No. He is right. If you deliver ON TIME and the buyer requests a Revision, the initial delivery of your order is NOT considered LATE. This is why you did not need to open up a time extension request on your order. What you should have done is fix whatever needed fixing and redeliver the order. When you opened a request to extend delivery, then you are at the mercy of the buyer to accept that, when really, that was not needed to begin with.

In my experience when opening a request, I always have the ability to CANCEL the request and deliver on the original order. You should not be penalized or late ONLY IF you delivered the original order on time.



I delivered on time before. I have mentioned this several times above. But once the time was finished, and the order was in revision state, the delivery button was missing. I couldnt deliver the revised version. Thats what i am saying.
I sent extension request mentioning buyer is not responding and explain the whole scenario

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Then it’s not a “late delivery” problem. If you don’t have redeliver button you should first try a different browser or clean your cache and if that doesn’t help then to reach out to support stating that you can’t deliver your order because there is a bug and deliver button doesn’t appear.

Can you actually show a screenshot how that page looks like? Of course covering your buyers details


Luckily the buyer agreed to extend the time. After no response for 3 days. Thanks for your help