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Time for a mini-vacation (sorta)

For the first time in, I don’t know how many years, I have an empty Fiverr queue. I had put myself into OOO mode to clear it out so I can do a mini-vacay (mental health treatment) while also enjoying a mini-celebration with the youngest for his 14th birthday. Hard to imagine that’s coming up.

I made all my clients aware when I was leaving, and that should they need any revisions to contact me and I would be happy to help them as soon as I returned on the 16th. Most of these were long-drawn-out projects anyway. And, with one, the one I just got done with, he barely communicated with me and never answered a question about something I had asked. I don’t know if Fiverr even made him aware of it. I was never made aware of a communication he had sent to me when we’re first discussing the project.

Little annoying but we’ll see what happens. It’s the first time I am actually not bringing my computer with me on vacation. I really need a mental health refresh.

I have a friend who recently had a stroke (he’s 47), and even though the husband is the emergency contact, I’ve been the one to take care of him and get him what he needs and whatnot. I don’t mind it, but with all the COVID-19 fallout here, my job at the school ending the way it is and the fact that my new school job isn’t really what I want and then my mother now, it’s just a bit much right now.

I am very happy to get this reprieve because it’s long, long overdue. I am stressed to the max, and need a break!


I’m so sorry you are so stressed. You are one of the people I respect very highly here and you are always so sincere and generally nice.

Hopefully, a break will help you hit the mental reset button. Maybe try too to take a complete break from the news and Internet in general. At present, just switching on the TV is enough to make anyone depressed.

School wise, I’m sorry if that job you were so happy about getting has been snatched from under your feet. Remember, though, that you don’t know what things will be like a few months from now.

Friends being sick is a hard one. It is great, though, that your friend has you to help them. I have a couple of sick friends at the moment, but I don’t know how to help or even get in touch. One is terminally ill (but you wouldn’t think it) and every time I text, I feel like he thinks I’m checking if he is still alive and getting annoyed by it.

I really hope you get the time you need to take a break. Maybe also think about spending your first day with an enthralling book. That always makes me feel better if I have time to read. There is a great sci-fi book called Mockingbird by Walter Tevis which is my favorite pick-me-up book of all time when I need one. It is very dystopian, but has a happy ending and a kind of feel-good vibe.

However you spend your break, take care!


Hello, Miss @emeraldawnn. Take your vaca and do not look back. You deserve a break. Enjoy your son, and make many memories while you are at it!

Whooo Hooo!

I used to take those even when I taught. Expecially at report card time! ; )

What happened to your mom?

I thought you loved your new job?


I absolutely LOVE my job, but the superintendent has decided to dismantle the Pre-K program, keeping only four classes instead of seven (wrong idea in my opinion), which eliminates my job at the school as well as my boss’. I have been offered a position at the school as a SPED parapro. While I don’t mind it (after all, I have a job), it’s $3K less a year than I was making and at the high school where Talon will start Freshman year.

This school pays based on how many years you’ve been in a position - not how long you’ve been with the district. I’ve been there 7 years, and I’m back to making $10 an hour. :frowning:

As for my mother, she’s having some mental health issues as well. She actually told me the other day she wishes she was dead. She even tried to talk me out of coming up there, but I’m really not there for her, I am there for myself. She’s very depressed right now with everything going on in her household. My mother and I are not very close, but that does worry me… alot.

I need to read that then. I love Stephen King, and have debated what book to bring. Of course, I have several on my phone to read as well. But, nothing like a good hard copy to keep me entertained.

Thank you Cy. That’s much appreciated - the same to you as well!

Y’all are great folks! It’s always a pleasure to read posts from y’all. Sometimes, it feels like I personally know ya… even if you’re half a world away from me. :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m relatively new to the forums, so I wouldn’t have seen your previous posts. But I just want to say that you come across as a totally genuine person - and that’s my type of Fiverr person. Well, my type of person in life - regardless of here or reality.

The reason I’m commenting is in the hope that maybe one person (hopefully more), will read this and think about their own mental and physical health. Several of my responses in recent weeks have been to posts about mental and physical health, the importance of self-worth, and closing the laptop lid at the end of the working day. It is so important to be able to switch off.

It really concerns me when I read posts from misinformed people encouraging others to stay online 24/7 to try and attract an order, or else I read posts from people who stayed up all night (after working all day) to complete an order to appease an upset client. Or those who offer unrealistic 24 hour turnarounds for complex projects, and then wonder why they’re stressed. No, no, no.

The freelance world can become all consuming if you allow it. Without wanting to get all hippy about things, as someone who is in his late 40s, who’s had children grow up and go through college, who’s had the divorce and watched parents die - it is so important to take time out from work and look after yourself and those around you.

You don’t get a second chance. It’s about balance. On that note, I’m going to close the laptop lid.


It’s good that you can take this time out to take care of yourself. It is very stressful to take care of sick family or friends, especially if you are “the one person”, I feel you very much.
And great decision to leave your computer behind to not be tempted to work after all, I’m sure that already the fact of not seeing that thing for a while will have a big effect.

Do your best to not think about any stressful things and just take care of yourself during that time. Some things don’t go away and will be right there waiting for us, no matter what we do but we can better face them again if we get the chance to destress, detach, recalibrate ourselves …

Enjoy, and best wishes for everything that’s going on, I hope that life will look better again soon for your friend and mother, and that you’ll fall up the ladder again job-wise. Maybe through this break you’ll get the peace of mind, and a different outlook and perhaps once you’re back, ideas pop up, maybe also one for a new gig that would take off well.