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Time for clearing payment?

Hello everyone!
can some tell me much it take to clear a payment then how much time fiverr take to transfer money to bank account.
please also mention charges for transcription.

Dear @rahatal,
14 Days needs to clear a one payment .
Also Bank transfer take 2 or 3 days for transfer money . (Sometime only few hours :drooling_face:)

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thanks you @djwaruna

you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Fiver keeps the money with them for 14 days. After that you go to payoneer account and transfer your money from fiverr to payoneer, and from there you withdraw your money from to your Mastercard issued by fiverr. Payoneer gives you 2 options immediate withdrawal and standard withdrawal. In immediate option the money gets transfered in 2 hours time and they charge you $3 and in standard option you get your money in 2 working days and they charge $1.

@abidhafeez what about direct bank withdraw?
and it is compulsory to issue mastercard from fiverr?

Dear bank withdrawal procedure is lenghty as well as problematic. Peoplr always complaing about bank withdrawal, that their payments get stuck and get delayed. I am using Payoneer and having no issues at all. Yes you need mastercard to withdraw money, and not sure about bank transfer.


@abidhafeez thanks alot for your time.
have a nice day

Thanks bro. You too have a nice day. Anything you want to know please let me know.