Time for Writer99025 to get angry again...LOL


Okay, my mom has been visiting, she went to a mutual fund office to get her records updated, gave all documents, but the mutual fund company - one of the biggest in the world - now says her signature does not match. The investment was made over 25 years ago, and clearly signatures don’t match as someone gets older - my mom is 65. That’s why my mother gave all supporting documents. So we can take this to mean that she does not exist and her supporting documents from Government of India are fraudulent.

So off goes Colonel Writer99025 on a mission to blast negligent, careless, arrogant and lazy bureaucrats. You don’t mess with Writer99025 or his mom. Will make their life hell for them now. LOL. Can even file a police complaint/court case. Not a big investment, 2 months’ Fiverr income for me, but a matter of principle.


It’s good, something to occupy my mind besides writing :slight_smile:


That’s a big amount for sure.:astonished:
I wish you best of luck to handle this situation nicely. (Did you give my message to your mama?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Haha… :sweat_smile:


Does it mean a big NO?:rage::angry:


It sounds like they want to keep the money.

I’m in a position where my mom’s I Bonds, government bonds she got 30 years ago, now have to be mailed in to the government in a distant city and put into a government account accessible only online. They can no longer be cashed by going into any bank. I don’t like the sound of this.
With the interest they’ve been accruing over the years it’s a substantial amount.


You won’t believe what a big company this is - it is one of the biggest mutual fund companies in the US as well. I don’t think it’s a good idea to mention the name. But it’s really big. So I could hardly believe how inefficient they were. Just re-calculated…it’s 5 months Fiverr income, so I better get serious. I mean, we work so hard, and for the tiniest mistake or negligence our accounts on Fiverr (or elsewhere) can be taken away. But these petty corporate workers and bureaucrats, they can get away with anything.


Sometimes it helps to complain to a higher up person. Make some calls to get phone numbers of more high up the ladder managers about this. It’s outrageous.

I had a local bank lose a check I deposited. They had no record of me ever depositing it. Even though I showed them the deposit slip they refused to give me my money for a month. I had to call the vice president of the bank to get the money. Later some worker in the bank had the nerve to tell me in an alarmed voice that the branch manager “had to take the money from his own account!” as if it was my fault to cause this to happen to him!


I am furnishing all documents needed so that there is no loophole and going there next Monday. I always fight when I have the facts on my side and it is clear that I am on the right. I will also make calls to the higher ups, I want them to be scared, really scared. [This is nothing, back when I was 21 I had to move heaven and earth to get my inheritance when my father died as my grandmother and my father’s sister’s family had eye on my property.They didn’t get a rupee. When it comes to my money or property, or that of my mom’s I can be very ruthless.]


Ok but remain polite at all times and civil.


My mom was polite and civil with them. That won’t work in India. You have to make your point in a loud way. You have to scare these people and show that you don’t care about them and can do anything to get what you want. Personal experience. I was 21 when I shouted at the top government official in my state, in front of everyone in his office when he suggested a compromise with my relatives, told him I will see him in court :slight_smile: So this case brings back fond memories. LOL.


Thank you, that explains a few buyers I’ve had.