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Time is wrong

So I had just reinstall my computer setting (window, softwares…) and now the time on Fiverr appears wrong to me. It’s around 11.30 pm here and I just sent a message for my buyer, the time on the message is 9.30 am. It used to match my computer time. This is inconvenience as I can’t keep track well with my buyers.

I played with the account setting and couldn’t find where to set the timezone. Can anyone help?

Is the time on your computer correct?

I think this has always been an issue with the messages - it displays the time of where your buyer is located, not the other way around. I personally like it because it helps me to determine where they are and so what deadlines they need - for example if they’re 8 hours in front and request a job for the same day, I specify the time to them in my location so there’s no confusion.