Time it take to get visible?


can anyone tell me how much time does it take for your first gig to be visible for buyers??


Tell me what your impression are for your new gig?
Tell me how many clicks you have received?

I don’t understand what you are selling. There are only 11 providers that show up for “IFTTT syndication network for any Rss feed”

There may not be alot off traffic that is looking for that on Fiverr. I just don’t know.


I have 460 impressions and 84 click on my Gig can you clarify same query about my gig?


Terrific. Impressions are how many times fiverr placed your thumbnail in front of potential buyers. Out of 840 people that saw your thumbnail,
84 people clicked on your thumbnail to see what you offered. So you are showing up in the search. Just continue to maximize the impact of your thumbnail and your offer ( both video and description). Good luck.


actually I joined fiverr few weeks ago and my Gig is barely few days old :sweat_smile: